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The staff is overall amazing. Everyone is always happy to help students and parents. The students are handed the material necessary to excel in classes and are provided help before and after school as well.
Star burning out...Ask a LOT of questions before you enroll. It has all gone downhill now, with few who care at all about excellence.
Ask them: to sit in and observe a class, what is their percentage of failing students in their most difficult class, ask them how and how quickly they deal with at risk students in a class, ask them how quickly they normally grade a test, what student advocates program features, what discipline they allow for dealing with students and their teachers, especially their coaches. Scandal after scandal, and nothing is “wrong” at Buford? Better check the “smoke” to see if there is fire, is all I’m suggesting.
I have been a student at Buford city schools since my 6th grade year. Over the course of 5 years, I’ve realized how blessed I am to have such a supportive school system. Buford city provides great facilities, technology, teachers, and athletics. A new basketball arena was built less than 3 years ago and already a brand new high school is being built. The Buford city school council provides the students with excellent resources so they have the best chance to get a top notch education. I am so thankful to be a student in the Buford city school system.
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While the school has had to make some workforce edits in the past two years, the quality of education has not decreased in the slightest. The teachers on all academic levels take precautions to ensure the success of every student they teach, and that's all that a high school really needs to be successful.
Being a student at Buford for 8 years was truly a hidden blessing to me. I was able to meet and talk to so many different people from different backgrounds. The teachers and staff truly cares about you and your grades. They like to watch you succeed in academics, athletics, and arts. Buford City schools are a true blessing.
I loved how they prepared me so incredibly well for college. They also made it important to get students involved in extracurricular activities, my love for musical theatre grew because of this. I won state championships, performed on national television, and performed in front of audiences of over 4,000, due to this my confidence grew extremely.
Horrible place to work and for students as well. Once you attend you will see that all they hype is simply not what the reality of the actual schools are like.
My overall experience with Buford City Schools was very good. I know I was challenged academically more than any other school nearby. Attending Buford has allowed me to receive college credit and prepare me for my upcoming college experience.
It is hard to think of anything I'd like to change. However, the lunch lines and food could be better.
Buford high school was an excellent academic school choice for me. From taking AP and honors courses, to the interaction between administrators and students, I feel well prepared for my entrance into the next educational level. I feel like I am prepared to learn, study and retain knowledge at the college level which will also prepare me for starting my career after college.
My daughter just graduated from Buford High School after transferring her Sophomore year. She had to consistently work hard on her academics. We feel she has been well-prepared for college. The majority of teachers at BHS are really involved with the students, know them by name and are top notch educators. Expectations are high and most students rise to the occasion. The administration encourages students to take the most rigorous classes they can. Our family has been grateful for our experience at Buford HS.
Loved the winning environment. I felt like it really prepared me for university studies. Loved the community support as well.
I have went to Buford city schools my entire life, and it has made a major impact on me. The academics are truly challenging and push you to work hard and be successful. This hardships and hard work that was put it in has helped me for the better. A quote that is always used at Buford is “It’s not where you begin that matters it’s where’s you finish that makes all the difference”. Which I truly believe in, no matter how bad it may be in the beginning we are given chances to make a better outcome and improve our grades multiple ways. Buford City Schools have a great facility that is well kept and taken care of. The resources our school provides are up to date and very useful with the work we do today.
I come from a worse school. When I transferred here I saw a great change. Here the students underestimate how great their high school is. If I could add anything, I would implement a recycling system.
Buford is an amazing place that I have had the opportunity of growing up in. The expectations are set very high, and only an individual's best work is accepted at the high school. Buford is a friendly community filled with opportunities that allow each individual student to grow to their full potential as life-long learners and effective members of society.
I love Buford City Schools. The teachers and administration really care about the student's success. Many teachers at the high school are there before and after school to help students be successful. The students at the school work hard towards their grades and are involved in tons of activities. Whether it be on the fishing team or scoring the game winning touchdown, Buford is the place to be with all the clubs and sports.
I had a wonderful experience at Buford High School. The teachers and staff care about their students. They push us to our fulliest potential.
I love Buford. It is a smaller school, so you get to know everyone there. The teachers truly care for their students and want to further their education. It has a family feeling with strong Christian roots.
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I have been going to this school for about three and a half years and to me, this school is pretty decent. It is not the cleanest school but the school really does care about the students. Teachers try so hard to get all of their students to succeed.
I was very satified with their academics.
My daughters were challenged and had to work extra hard to maintain their grades, unlike where they came from prior.
Overall, it's a decent school. It the highest rated public school in terms of academics in the state of Georgia, and the countless state championship titles definitely don't hurt. The only issues I've encountered is that it's not overly diverse and there seems to be a hyperfixation on athletics more than anything else.
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