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Buffalo City School District Reviews

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Needs to be more professional and well organized,students aren’t placed on their levels they are put everywhere
The school system is broken, needs to reinvest in the builings and equipment. Teachers/administration is too lenient on children and are not able to discipline and address issues.
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The Buffalo City School District is from pre-k to 12. It has a huge diverse population of students. For the staffs, it depends on which school you go to. Some can be really nice and helpful while others are rude and pretty much hard to talk to.
Buffalo City School District loves their students and provides the best education they can. BCSD is very accepting of people and their beliefs and identities. However, BCSD should increase programs designed to help high school students on their journey into college.
My academic career going through the Buffalo City School District was alright. I go to City Honors and I think that they put a lot of stress on students at that school. At City Honors, you don’t really get the real “high school experience”. You mainly study a lot and focus on school a lot because that’s what that school puts a lot of stress on. The administration at City Honors don’t really discipline as much as they should.
For my own experience, I liked the convenience provide by my school since we have campus bus between South and North, and moreover, buses to markets and malls. However, I would suggest some improvements such as setting up few more bus stops to reduce danger for off-campus student when walking home from the bus stop.
I would like to see an improvement in safety across the board. With the state of America currently, safety measures such as metal detectors and armed security should be implemented across the district. Although security is poor, the teachers and the atmosphere given by them is outstanding, you feel comforted and welcome in most classes despite not having access to multiple AP/College Readiness courses. Overall I enjoyed my experience her but there is room for improvement. I enjoyed being around a very diverse group of students and I got to appreciate everyone for who they were, it didn't matter their background to me, I loved them for who they were.
I love the diversity in this district. I attend a school on the West Side of Buffalo, and if houses all walks of life from all different backgrounds. I have gotten to learn so much about diversity and the positive impacts of it.
I liked the diversity in Buffalo Public Schools but don’t see much college readiness in schools. There aren’t many programs either in schools.
As a student at one of the best bps schools i can say that the system is extremely lack luster allowing the downfall of some students take down the whole school.
My teacher at my school are so Invovled and care so much about each student and I love that about my school. I hear the same thing about different schools and their teachers too
The school district focuses more on computer-based learning now instead of textbooks and module books.
The Buffalo School System needs improvement. Many of the teachers do not try there best, and as a student we often feel the consequences of poor decisions the system has made. However, the system definitely tries to improve itself with different technological advances.
I like how Buffalo City School District has very good academics, diversity, teachers, and especially college readiness. They provide the students with an adequate amount of clubs and activities and safety in the school. They could improve on the sufficiency of resources and the facilities.
UB is close to Canada and culturally diverse. You may make some friends with different nationalities. Safe in North but not in South. UB offers a lot of programs to students with different interests. Food is okay but not as diverse as it in NYC. Overall, a good place to develope your life skills via cooking and communicating with students.
The people here have shaped my future and made me who I am today. I wouldn't be going to college without their help
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I like how commited to their students they are. The fact that they care so much about their students passing. I would change the way they handle a lot of issues.
I liked my high school a lot. There were many diverse kids who came from buffalos inner city. It wasn’t a bad school at all, in fact i had many wonderful times there. Some people honk city schools are not magical, well they are and I’m proof
I went to two city schools when I was younger. From pre-k to 4th grade, I went to Waterfront Elementary and from 5th- 8th grade I went to Discovery School #67. These schools were complete opposites. At Waterfront, I got to meet numerous people from different walks of life. Most of the students that attended were less unfortunate than others. Many students were very violent towards one another and towards adult figures. I was fine throughout my experience, but others were not. My parents made me transfer schools because Waterfront was changing over time and it was not for the better. Discovery School was in my neighbor. It was one of the better public schools in the district. The friends I had went there and many parents suggested it to my parents. I made great connections with people and still am in contact with faculty at the school.
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