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I loved the teachers at this school, but the administration is shotty. I transferred to this school at the beginning of my senior year. I was found not to be enrolled in school when requesting transcripts, although I had come over the summer to enroll. I was without a complete transcript until November.
Great school with very good administration and very passionate teachers. Would recommend sending your child to this school.
Brooks does not have many pleasing qualities regarding facilities, transportation, administration, food, sports, etc, but the school manages to have changed at a slower rate than expected; it's better than nothing. There has been many teachers to up and leave throughout the school year because of late hire, and does not have favorable accommodations for teachers or students. There is lack of spirit and facilities. Lack of opportunity due to "money."
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I like the school, I like the teacher but the school don't have any sports, don't have like a lot of clubs, also any class of any profession, some teacher are absents, w have like a sub with no experience, and also they don't have access to the internet for the students for they can do their homework or projects, and the school is very small.
Although the teachers tend to be very passionate about what they do, the school tends to have very little funding, and keeps making mistakes in management. Not very many people attending while I was there were very happy with the overall experience, but I've heard that it's gotten a little better in the year or so since I left.
would love for teachers to low down the teaching because the fast pace doesn't help students learn anything
Brooks academy is a pretty decent school. The students aren’t that great but the academics and teachers are definitely worth going. If you want a college ready school this might be one of the options for you. Otherwise the sports are fun and there’s a lot of involvement there. The food isn’t great at all and the campus is small but it is made only for one thousand seven hundred students maybe if they expanded it and kept less students it would be better but over a good school .
Brooks academy has made a series of unfortunate choices and as a result the academics have suffered, severely. Along with pittance for resources and constant teachers coming and going the students never have a steady learning curve. With a lack of funding, courses, facilities and food quality all suffer.
This is my third year at the school and even though a lot of students don’t like the school. I actually like the school. The new administration knows how to run a school and they take their priorities into our safety. Some students claim the administration make the school look more like a prison because of the gates but it helps us because it can slightly prevent anyone that doesn’t belong on campus get on someway or another. There involvement with the students and teachers is a lot better than what they used to do the past years that I’ve been at the school. I really like brooks this year and I am glad to be graduating from there
The teachers were late to class, they didn't really teach the students much we would have to go outside of school and basically teach our selves. The principle was very disorganized, especially when it came down to events. There was a lot of bullying, and when the teachers or staff woudl say they would handle it it actually got pushed aside.
Being a former student, the school may be small but is still growing in size and student population. The school system is very structured but fair and disciplines kids for college readiness. It is a safe environment and does not tolerate student misbehavior, taking it as far as having parent involvement. Overall, it is considered one of the best schools in San Antonio.
The inclusion and the idea of an accurate portrayal of the engineering endorsement is what makes this school unique. I would like to see improved funding and facilities along with proper separation of Middle, Elementary, and High School grade levels.
As a parent of a Brooks Academy student I am pleased with the academic curriculum which allows my child to challenge his intelligence in ways that are unimaginable. Compared to other schools they have attended in the past, I feel my child has learned so much and shown his full potential. I am proud to say he will be graduating this year from this academy with honors. The only downside I see is the staff not staying there for too long. Has nothing to do with students they do great work with them. I say this from experience cause my child was receiving letters from universities since he was in 10th grade! you don't see this very often.
this school is currently preparing me for college and the teachers here are helping me accomplish many achievements
This is absolutely a great school! My child was in public school and was struggling, but once we put her at Brooks, she blossomed! The class sizes are small, the principal is great, and the kids are awesome! My child passed her star exam because her teacher took the time to make sure she was prepared!
Brooks Academy of Science and Engineering is very limited. There are not a lot of resources provided to student academics. Some classes do not recieve the resources needed for the course. The campus is very small, but the community is very close. The college and career readiness counselor is always there to help any student recieve the same chance as anyone else to getting into college or getting money for college. I would like to see Brooks Academy in the future with more resources for academics provided and making the community bigger ang brighter.
I have currently been attending Brooks Academy for about 6 years. During previous years the school was at a high level of academic standards. Administration was strict , which caused less chaos but more complaints. Once reaching high school, administration was being released and exchanged for new people and the school seemed to get worst, especially academically. I am currently a senior and big changes in facilities and sports programs has been the main change. I would like to see better curriculum implemented to see improvements in our academics. Administration is not as strict but still at a great level. Overall I believe this school is at a higher level then most public schools but just not quite high enough
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I attended Brooks Academy from 2009 to 2013. I had a great time as a student and made many friends for life. The teachers helped me very much to get ready for college coursework and in life in general.
Greater focus on philosophy and ethics to encourage free-thought and mental discipline. There should be a cafeteria meant only for eating. Eating in the gymnasium is a horrible idea. Improve the Technology aspect of the school. Educate students in basic coding languages.
What I really liked about Brooks Academy is the encouragement they give you to want to attend college. This school is a college deprived school. Here, they help us with anything we need to become successful for our future. This is a smaller school, with less students, so it is easier to talk to a teacher if you need help and the teacher will be happy to help you. The academics here are really high, because this is what the school is based on. For my four years of high school, I would not have wanted to go anywhere else, but here.
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