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I liked Brookings High School because it was a perfect size. The district was small enough that you knew a majority of who you were graduating with by name, yet still large enough to have the course decisions of a bigger school. There were options to follow your interests; for example, I took three semesters of elementary tutoring before even being entered into a teaching-related major. However, like with all schools, there were good and bad teachers and courses.
Some of the teachers were very hard to deal with if you had any issues like migraines, etc. and missed classes but it was perfectly okay if you were in sports and missed classes for those sports and they were always willing to work around that but not for sickness or other unforeseeable circumstances. Have a teacher in college like that also at SDSU.
Brookings was difficult to me, but was great for my friends. The best part about it, was the fine arts programs. I wouldn't be the person I was today without them.
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I liked the resources available to students, such as the laptops and google classroom, and I think it's been preparing me for college fairly well. I also have liked most of my teachers, especially my English 1, Honors English 2, and Geometry Teachers (shout outs to Moudry, Ganci, and Huntimer respectively). I do think that are Administration really only cares about itself and not others, our food 8 times out 10 is not very good, and our school is ranked in the bottom half for most of our sports (exception of Men's soccer, where we won ESD).
Brookings School District is an outstanding organization for educating today's youth! There teachers are knowledgable and care about their students.
I love everything Brookings has to offer. Being a bobcat has made me who I am, and I'm so thankful for the community and family that the Brookings School District has given me.
Brookings has great activities. Nearly everyone is involved in something. Our school district has wonderful music programs like choir, band, and orchestra. Brookings has many different sports such as football, soccer, track, and softball just to name a few. The school district in Brookings also has art activities such as debate and oral interp.
Brookings High school has many different academic, athletic, and musical opportunities for everyone. There is also a large variety of clubs and organizations that are started within the school so that students can express themselves however they want. The teachers are some of the best in the state and continue to support students by making them think for themselves and having their own thoughts and opinions.
Brookings highschool was a fun journey from senior to freshman year with a diverse system of classes to pick from. The first year you don't get much of a choice but after that you get about three to four classes that you can pick that you are interested in. Time flew at BHS and senior year is already here and they helped me figure out what I wanted to do in my life and where I wanted to go to college.
I enjoyed going to school here. The teachers enjoy their jobs and are well versed in their specific subjects. They offer help whenever you need it and are willing to help outside of class.
Most of the teachers were great. They cared about the students. There a are ton of clubs and ways to get involved. School is in good shape but bathrooms could use a remodel.
I really enjoyed my experience at Brookings High. I absolutely loved the one on one program with the computers and I feel like students were able to get a better understanding of the concept.
Brookings school district is a wonderful place for anyone in sports or creative arts. Honors classes are amazing, and teachers are always pushing students to do their best.
My experience in Brookings has been overall positive. They provide a positive atmosphere for learning and many options to get involved outside of school.
Over the course of the four years that I have attended, I have never had any issues in juggling my classes with my extra-curricular activities. The teachers are always there to support and understand when things come up in life, and I've always felt safe. Brookings High School has allowed me to expand outside of my comfort zone as I used to be more introverted than I am these days. We have also seen an increase in the diversity of the students as our town expands, but are still a majority Caucasian.
It was a great experience growing up in such a supportive school district. The teachers cared for their students well being and it is a very open environment. The faculty really prepared students for college and the future. The school offered plenty of academic and extracurricular programs.
Brookings is a very good school district. They are progressing very well with the changes in technology and education. Most students graduate in four years and go on to colleges. I would certainly bring my kids up through the Brookings School District.
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Brookings High School is a great school filled with great teachers who care about their students. Brookings High School exhibits a safe environment. There are many unique classes that are available to students, which gives students the ability to take courses besides the core curriculum and let's them increase their knowledge.
I enjoy the diversity of available classes and activities. It's nice to have the option to take many diverse and/or advanced classes, and if BHS doesn't have the class you can take it online due to great technology access (1:1 district). It's a great size for a school district - big enough for anonymity if you want it, but small enough you can at least recognize a good portion of your fellow students from the high school.
Overall, a very safe and welcoming school. The lunch food could be better, but it has improved over the years. The amount of choices for classes is amazing. There are some very unique classes, especially the CTE and art courses.
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