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The teachers and staff at Bristol central are very driven and encourage students to do their best. They work very hard to keep us safe and focused.
Has been very well and has been a great experience. The elementary school I attended prepared me well to excel into middle schools where I was given many opportunities to better myself such as learning Spanish in middle school. Again the transition to high school from middle school was very smooth. With in high school the teachers have all been very nice and have given numerous opportunities to get involved not only in the school community but in the town community.
I would like to see more in school safety and assistance from teachers. Seeing more organization and healthier options in the school cafe.
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I like that all teachers are very involved and care about how students carry them selves, everybody is so polite and nice in that school I’m new but they opened their arms and it’s like i’ve beeb here my whole life
The sports team is average but the buildings aren't air conditioned and there are some classrooms that were cold during winter, even with the heat on. Also, there were more and more kids doing or selling drugs during the school day while classes were in session.
The school system has its ups and downs but for someone like myself that wanted to learn, they had the resources for us. Some of the teachers didn't care much about their students though. For example,my science teacher freshman year told my whole class that we we're stupid and wouldnt make it. Another example is my brother, he was in the special Ed program and also had an issue when the teacher told him he was a fail and should just drop out because he wasn't going to make it in life. The special Ed teaches are especially harsh, they scream at the students and dont treat them well. Things like what my brother and I have expierienced in school discourage students and make them want to give up. Thats not what school is about, this is a major issue that should be resovled for the sake of the students education.
Allows students to take their own path and gives help when needed but you need to ask for the help and sometime the students may fall behind without the help. But on the up it allows kids to take many different AP courses and early college expirence to be ready for the transition to a secondary school.
Overall Bristol is a good school system, however there are things that can be improved or added. Provid More college preparation and resources available to help you with the process. Try to introduce more clubs to reach more students. The district could also try offering more classes based on what students find interesting.
The teachers are nice, although there can be very irresponsible teachers. Lots of fights, teachers are not very good at handling it. Kids smoke weed, vape, and drink everywhere but nothing is ever done. Although schools are very diverse there are always the bullies and kids who pick on others for their differences, but that's with all schools out there.
I love being apart of the district. We could go to different schools but we’re still all connected within the community.
In the Bristol School District they were always preparing us for college and moving up in education. If we needed help they went above and beyond to make sure we succeed. Although the school district is great I would change the sports and activities that the schools are involved in. Getting the schools more involved in sports teams and clubs.
The Bristol school district has created so many opportunities for its students. Having the principle of Bristol central high school being named one of the best principles in the nation it is easy to say the staff strives to better their students and prepare them for the years to come.
I have been in this district ever since 1st grade. Sometimes I question how these school still run when they don't even know the academic schedule for next year and expect students to be ready for finals without teaching some of the material.
Being a class B school, the smaller environment allows for more one on one time with teachers. Teachers get to know each individual and is able to help us with our learning skills. AP and Honors classes are offered. Friendly environment. Guidance always willing to step in and help at a moments notice. This is a walking district and since I live on the opposite side of town I need to get a ride every morning and I can walk home at day end.
Bristol schools are like a huge family, I never felt like I didn't fit in and I feel the quality of my education was great because the staff truly cared about the students.
I am attending college in the Bristol school district and my overall experience has been good. I recently moved here from Florida and they have made it easy for me, someone who took a year off from school, to come back and succeed.
I've been going to Bristol District since my sixth grade year. Now I am a freshmen in highschool. Every school I've gone too, teachers have been very helpful and good at their job. School lunches were good in middle school. And now? They are beyond discusting that I won't eat anything in my school.
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My experience with Bristol schools have been amazing. I grew up in Bristol and have gone to the schools since elementary, and everyone I've met has been wonderful.
It's a very poor school district with very little stretching money. My math class had to raise it's own funds for materials. We can afford to get new turf fields for teams that do nothing but loode, but have no money for the award winning programs the school has like Theatre and Music.
The teachers for the most part are adequate, but there is a large range of students socio-economically and academically.
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