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Growing up in Brighton, I felt that the school district prepared me for my future pretty well. However, though the schools may be great for being public schools, I felt that the school was not very inclusive for many of its students, especially black students.
Very good school! Very adaptive to changing current events and are (mostly) open to listening to students for feedback.
It's a very academic school which is great because it offers so many amazing classes but on the other hand there is also enormous pressure placed on students to push themselves into the hardest classes to "look good for college", which can be viewed as both a good and bad thing. We also have free periods which are AMAZING! Basically the same as a study hall but you're not required to stay in a classroom and you can hang out in the hallway with friends and during some periods you can leave campus and go grab lunch or hang out outside. In the middle of the day instead of lunch we have FLEX which works the same as a free but you can go see teachers to study or catch up on school work which I've found really helpful. Overall the atmosphere is great and teachers really do care about their students which is awesome. You really do have to put in the work though, Brighton's curriculum is relentless but you have a great team behind you to help complete it. Athletics are amazing as well.
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While the competitive nature of Brighton students is helpful to the academic success of students, it is damaging to their mental and physical health. The environment of Brighton is set up so that students overthink performance in academics and extracurriculars to the point where activities and classes become a tool for comparing oneself to others as opposed to for enjoyment or for learning, making it toxic. The community puts too much emphasis on students' achievements as opposed to the culture. I personally developed anxiety disorder after going here, and I know many who compared the environment to a "pressure cooker."
What I love about BHS is how much the teachers care about their students. Whenever I'm having trouble with work, I'm able to get the help I need to be
able to do the best I can do in the class.

Another thing I love about BHS is that despite not being a performing arts schools, we still do three shows a year, and have multiple music groups to be a part of. I, myself, take chorus, and I'm in our schools show choir. Brighton makes sure that students have a chance to experience the arts, which I'm very thankful for.

Finally, another important thing about BHS, is how they take days off so Jewish students (like myself) can celebrate and observe Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. I know that not many schools do that, so the fact our school does is very important.
I started here in first grade and continued until I graduated. The district cares more about their reputation than their students success, which causes their teachers to mistreat problem children. The diversity in the school was also very poor. I remember a teacher’s way of teaching us about racism was by putting all the non-white children in a corner and putting a rope around them to illustrate the concept. At this point in my life I have a college degree, a diploma, And a full time job. All of which were things I was told I would never have by several teachers there. I have been publicly humiliated by several staff members and teachers that knew they were able to get away with it. Maybe my experience is an outlier, as I know many people that enjoyed going to this school, but remember that If this happened to me it can happen to your child as well, and I would never wish upon my child the experience that I had to go through with this district.
Brighton is an amazing district that values student health, safety, and happiness far better than surrounding districts. They actively listen to the concerns of students, and play an active role in making peoples voices heard.
Although having graduated years ago, Brighton is still among the top districts in the area. There is a high graduation rate, and many students move on to college undergrad. High school has a number of AP courses available (which many students enroll in), as well as plenty of performing arts and sports programs. Some building are a bit dated, although have kept up with renovations and expansions.
Consequently, this does mean Brighton holds higher standards and expectations with grading (test scores correlate to funding). The middle school had a silly policy where students must maintain 85 test average in the advanced math courses, or they would get relegated to the standard course.
Otherwise, the district wants students to be successful. There are college/career prep seminars, along with various college reps visiting the school throughout the year. Teachers are helpful during and outside of class hours.
The Brighton Central School District has very high academic standards and is a great school for STEM subjects but also for humanities as well. The district could work on though keeping facilities clean and making them a little more refurbished.
Brighton High school has a lot of opportunities academically, and with extracurricular activities. It could improve in the diversity of its staff,
The diverse student body, caring and challenging teachers and welcoming administration and faculty/staff, make it a great district.
I like the students. If bullying is supposed to exist at schools, I've never seen it, except in average levels of discrimination and crudeness. The Class of 2022 has about a 95% Trump disapproval rating. The teachers seem to increase in quality through the grades; there are a few that can be extremely biased in grading students. If it counts for GPA, I recommend you don't care what they think about you and always ask them to look over the mistakes they made, even if
Going to Brighton schools my entire life has been a blessing! The district is challenging and at the same time supportive of students to accomplish all they aspire to achieve in the arts, math, science, writing, sports, etc. Brighton is an amazing prep for college and adulthood. You can always spot a Brighton grad.
I love that it’s open to diversity throughout the students, but when it comes to the teachers they can use some help making it diverse. Everybody is very caring and accepting to everyone! Our school won a blue ribbon award this year which just shows how much the teachers and administration cares for their students.
I like Brighton High School. It is very diverse in comparison to nearby places and everyone knows each other very well because there is only one track of schools you can go through.
Going to Brighton High School has been a great experience these past 4 years. The teachers are compassionate, and devoted to helping you in any way you might need.
The school is amazing that allows a lot of opportunities to students! I love how we have a FLEX which enables students to get lunch or visit a teacher instead of staying after school.
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I have grown immensely as a person and as a student during my time at Brighton. There are many teachers that have taught me life lessons, as well as challenged me appropriately and taught me how to learn. Though there were some teachers who were very unprofessional at times, they have taught me how to work with others who may be in authority positions over me, and I may disagree with. The student body is also very talented in a variety of areas, and I have been exposed to many new cultures, backgrounds, and ideas, and I believe Brighton is an environment that encourages the growth of these new ideas.
Most teachers worked above and beyond the call of duty for their students, staying after most days, and sharing home phone numbers.
I more like to see an earnest recruitment effort of POC faculty/staff, and a more inclusive atmosphere for minority students.
The district tries to be very diverse and inclusive. It is a very competitive academic environment but the teachers try to be as helpful as possible
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