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Brighton High school is an amazing school. The diversity is a Caucasian majority. The teachers can range from poor to great. If something could change about BHS I'd suggest the teachers to become more involved with the students. Only a slim few are personable with the students.
Good school, learned a lot. Lots of teachers who genuinely want to help you and care about you. But, there is a lot of emphasis on
put on their reputation which doesn’t always put their students well-being first. There is also a lack of diversity and a problem with some students being treated better than others, but it only prepares you for the real world where it’s all about who you know.
This is a great competitive school with an unbelievably great teaching program and many different activities to get involved!
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Good school for academics, sports, extra-curricular activities. Good teachers and administrative staff. Good preparatory for college. Wonderful band program.
It was great. I made lots of friends that will hopefully last a lifetime. The food is pretty good and there are tons of sports and other activities to get involved in. There are all kinds of clubs. It city is really friendly too. Downtown is amazing especially when there are special events going on, which happens all the time.
I loved how safe I felt when at school and how involved the administration was in the lives of their students. I also loved the immense amount of AP classes available to take. However, I would like to see a more diversified culture arise and also a less "petty" culture as not everyone who goes there is as wealthy as others.
Brighton High school was a great experience. The majority of the staff cares very deeply about the students, and it is very easy to excel and prepare for a rigorous college schedule
I like Brighton High School a lot. I am a senior there this year, and I believe Brighton has given me a lot of opportunities to achieve both in school and out of school. They have many AP classes, clubs, and sports. It is easy to join any club, and they make it easy to create your own club as well. I think our principals are also some of the best. They care about every student’s success and take the time to help kids with their problems.
Brighton High School is full of very involve students and staff. Everyone is very caring and including. The school is student lead, everything from athletics to student clubs. The administration put the school into the students hands. Students are giving many opportunities to become leaders and to learn many different skills with a large variety of clubs and classes. Overall, an amazing high school experience.
Brighton Area Schools has a wonderful community often viewed as a family. Each School has a great staff and administration open and helpful to all students of all ages!
I like the small town community of Brighton High School. My parents both went to high school here also.
I started as a new student so my experience might not be the same as others. I will say that the education, while extremely rigorous, is so beneficial for college preparation! I have loved all of the teachers so far and really enjoy learning. However the counseling office is kind of terrible and they don't seem to know what they're doing.
My son and daughter have had a wonderful experience in Brighton Schools from elementary to high school. I am forever impressed with the faculty and staff as well as all the activities available to students.
The special education teachers are incredible mentors for both the special needs students and the general education students. They helped both types of students learn, grow and understand each other’s goals and needs for a positive learning environment for both.
Brighton Area Schools is a great school to send your children if you want them to be well prepared for life after school. Brighton has amazing academics and really takes the time to make sure their students are at their fullest potential. For the most part, the staff genuinely cares about their students and wants to see them improve. However, Brighton does have some flaws. Brighton Area Schools is not diverse at all and in my opinion, this hinders a students abilities to learn about other cultures and to see things from another persons point of view. Another issue is that there are times where I feel as though Brighton puts their ego first in front of their students health and safety. Brighton is really a wonderful school district and like I said before, it does perpare their students for life after high school in the best way possible.
I loved Brighton High School. The Teachers are very accepting, and always willing to take time out of their day to help you after school or even before school. If you surround yourself with fellow positive peers enjoyment throughout the year is promised. Tons of clubs and afterschool activities to attend.
I loved the supportive atmosphere and support given to students by teachers, administration, and their peers. The sports and facilities, for the most part, are amazing and often rival those of many colleges. I would like to see the diversity in Brighton improve, as it is largely white and tends to promote a like-minded group of students which can sometimes restrict growth of mind.
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Overall, I do enjoy my school. Most of the teachers are great and they are always challenging us to raise our own expectations of our selfs. The facilities are great. I belive my school has outstanding academics, considering most of my school students have very high Gpa’s. Considering only our AP classes are weighted and that they are only even offered to certain grades. Although my school is not perfect. I do think that the sports department is great, but not so much the coach’s considering I do stand to belive l. Most coach’s or staff of the athletics department are very biased, they look more on other reasons to let someone on a team rather than, the most important factors of it such as goods sportsmanship, integrity and skills of the sport.
My experience at Brighton Area schools was seemingly common as most schools. Brighton has about 8,000 kids that attend. For the most part I made some friends here and there, the staff is always friendly. Although, the only thing I would change is Brighton’s bully policy. Kids were ruthless and nothing was done about it. Most schools always have some form of bullying, I’ve also attended school in Fowlerville Community Schools and if I had to compare which district is more open arms and friendly I would without hesitation choose Fowlerville.
Brighton Area Schools are a very well organized and professional school system. I am a second generation graduate and hope to send my children here. The well-ranked teachers and upscale lesson plans show flexibility for all children.
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