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I started my school here and finished here. I met a ton of new and different people and enjoyed everyone I met. The teachers were nice and respected. I played three different sports while I attended and miss them and having the teammates.
Too much focus on sports teams that aren't even that good. If you are planning for college you need to have your parents to help get you on track. I was a concurrent student and felt the school could work with students progress in accomplishing graduation requirements.
Bridge Creek is a small school, however, it is quickly growing. I've been a student of this particular school my entire life, and I have to say that I'm most impressed by how far it has come since my days in Kindergarten. The school has acquired new buildings and resources throughout the years so that it may offer its students a better education. However, while it may have improved in many ways, the school still has several things that it should work on. Due to budgeting reasons the school has cut all of the AP classes that it had and it offers very little academic opportunities to its students. This is something that I would like to see change, as it's something that I struggled with. Also, I would like to see more club diversity. It's hard to get involved if one is not fond of any of the already existing groups. Although, despite these issues, Bridge Creek is a good school. The people are welcoming and one gains a sense of community while attending.
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It was an excellent small country school in Oklahoma. Most teachers are friendly and willing to teach those who want to learn. There is a little overemphasis on the athletic teams, but it is not unexpected considering the region it is in. However, there is a deplorable deficit in funding to the arts and advanced placement/honors programs. However, there are teachers at the school who are willing and happy to assist those who are serious about pursuing a college degeree. There is a noticeable air of bureacuarcy within the schools adminisitration, and prospective student and family will want to get on their good side.
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