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For the most part I really enjoyed the school, but their are several things I would change. For one, some of the teacher's I have had in the past would give us packets of papers and then go back to there desks and sit on there phone. Another thing I would change, would be the bullying. The bullying has proceeded to get worse as time passes. The curriculum I learned has been very knowledgeable, but the way they teach it has become more difficult.
The classes were nice but unless you went a full AP and honors route it does not prepare you for college only the ACT. Thankfully there was a variety of options but unless you were on men’s basketball or football the school couldn’t care less about you.
I am currently a senior at Boyle County High School and I have had an overall good experience here, my counselors have been of great help and they have prepped me to put me in a position where I have the potential for a great future. The teachers here have been great and they are generally readily availible when needed. I feel as if my time here as prepared me for my future.
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All this school does is brag about overall standardized test scores, the football team, and AP classes. They have no interest in the rest of the student body. They "highly recommend" AP classes for everyone to take. They have no interest in the performing arts programs. The only positive thing is that they provide Chromebooks for every student.
Overall a really good school district. The best around for academics. When I have kids I would want them to go to Boyle county schools. They were very sports oriented and they pushed others to want to extracurricular activities.
More dual credit opportunities and teachers certified in advanced math, or math degree with teaching as focus.
Great organization. Really care about kids and their education.The sports program is very good and successful. I have made several contacts with the school regarding several issues and I feel like they have addressed my concerns and got back to me at a decent time. They have done a lot to prepare me for college and to make sure that I was signed up for the act correctly and that I was prepared to take it. I don’t really feel like they could have done anything better or different than what they did. I enjoyed the staff and the teachers as well and would highly recommend my middle school and high school to anyone.
At Boyle, you have great teachers that are willing to help you and they want to see you succeed. There are of course some that can be rude at times, but overall the teachers are mainly very helpful. The students are willing to help others when they are struggling.
Wonderful school system for such a small town. Ranks among the best every year, even matching the private and religious schools. My experience was great, I'll never forget Boyle County.
I loved this school! We are one of the best public high schools in the state of Kentucky! One of the things I would like to see change would most definitely have to be the school lunches. I understand that First Lady Michelle Obama wants to strike down obesity in America, but she has gone way too far.
Boyle County High School was rated the top 8th High School in the State of Kentucky. As a Senior I truly feel I have received on of the best Academic Experiences I possibly could. They are a range of classes and overall the teachers are pretty good. I would totally Recommend the Boyle County School Disterct.
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