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Overall, I would say that BVSD is a very good school district. There isn't much diversity in the student population and the facilities are not the best, but everything else is very good.
Excellent staff, teachers, and academics. I've experienced nothing but the utmost professionalism and respect from people in BVSD. Kudos to them for getting me through school.
The teachers were all great, students were also awesome. The food on the other hand, weren't so great.
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Boulder High School is a place for everyone. The academics are superior. The students are happy. The environment is welcoming. There is more diversity than one might expect for Boulder, CO. Students tend to be actively engaged in community related events.
I liked my school district. The way they went about things regarding academic courses was good, I feel like with my school in particular, Peak to Peak Charter School, they went a bit above and beyond in educating us just a little bit more than standard curriculum. Definitely prepared me for college, my school had courses tailored specifically to the college preparation side. The teachers were (most of the time) fantastic. I had plenty of memorable teachers who were very experienced in their field, and some teachers, such as the physics teacher were actively contributing to their field. There were a couple of teachers that were not so great though. They wouldn’t accommodate to those of us (such as myself) with learning disabilities, often skimming over content that was critical knowledge for the tests. Their teaching methods were inneffective and they were hesitant to listen to any feedback. Those teachers were few and far between though. Diversity was also accomidated in my district.
For middle school, the school was good for the most part but some of the teachers were discriminatory and not helpful. But for highschool, all teachers/councelors/principal were always helpful and did everything possible to help our success. They were both in the same school district.
I love the close knot feel at the schools and the fact that they are working hard to help the students, especially the seniors which are losing so much. I would want some more snow days but I realize that school is great to be at.
Overall admin seem to care abut their students and the well being of them. Teachers are always wanting to help students if they have the need for extra help. However, I would change snowdays, not because I want more days off, but because there have been days with a lot of snow and there were dangerous road conditions, but we still had to attend. On those snoy days I have seen cars crash,run off the road, or slide a lot.
I love how there is such a wide variety of classes available to other students and me. Many teachers reach out and make connections with their students, which can be hard sometimes considering the amount of students they have. BVSD highly values education, but it's also considerate in many circumstances. The environment is perfect for learning, and the views can't be beat!
I like the diversity and culture they have to offer for all cultures. The teachers are very focus on the development of each student and also the curriculum they have are very successful for every student, they have a very good academic knowledge
and academic support for each student.
I dont know much about them but my school has head problem with heating,cooling and electrical problem and the school district has done little to nothing to fix it.
Personally, as a student I don't think we get enough snow days (but that's just my opinion). But, as a whole the American education system has a lot to look up to in terms of the care and teachings of my peers and other students. Boulder Valley is one of the few districts that gives a sh*t about the wellbeing of
kids in terms of academic support and mental health. (However Fairview's math department DESPERATELY NEEDS RESTRUCTURING. Please get more qualified teachers who actually like their job and not old boomers who hate kids)
BVSD is an excellent school district largely due to the massive amount of income tax generated from Boulder. From my 12 years as a student at Creekside elementary, Summit Charter Middle School, and New Vista High School, I can say that the tax dollars aren't going to waste. Academics are excellent for a public school district, Boulder has many options for motivated students
Although the basics are all there, like many school systems, there is a track that they put students on that are not very accommodating to kids, unless you fit in their "box". This is a good school system for some, and works really well for those people. Admittedly it does not fit everyone.
Boulder Valley School District provides a stellar education while at the same time providing an encouraging workspace, however, I see a strong need to increase diversity and acceptance amongst students. I also see many issues in the special education department. Some of these issues include but are not limited to segregation, low expectations leading to less learning making students less prepared for the real world, teachers end up warehousing their students in the ILC rather than provide a safe and educational environment.
It's overall a great school district, but like everything else not perfect, always room for improvement. But I had a good experience!
Boulder Valley School District and most of the schools within it are exceptional, providing a high quality of education across the board for which I have been grateful to receive. The schools are all very safe and, due to their situation geographically in an affluent area, have phenomenal resources available to students. However, this is symptomatic of the very monochromatic, six-figure lifestyle lived by Boulder residents which comes with the drawbacks of whitewashed school culture and faculty that caters to a cookie-cutter student.
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I have received a huge amount of help since day one of me joining the district on freshmen year.Despite the language barrier and confusion I have come across some wonderful teachers at Boulder Valley School district and staff in general that helped me and continues to help me in high school. I like the amount of resources that are provided to help all different students as well as the tolerance there is between teachers and students
I attended the Boulder Valley School District from elementary school to high school. In this district, the best part of it was definitely the school involvement in sports and academics. We were constantly encouraged to join extracurricular activities by our teachers, counselors, and more. Parents were also constantly involved in their student's lives and often volunteered at the schools to help with events and fundraisers such as concessions and sports games. Most students achieved academic success in one way or another and also participated in after school sports or clubs in our community. One thing I did wish was better in this district is the student and teacher attitudes. Students and teachers sometimes were not as kind or considerate of each other as they should be. Above all, this school district was a great life experience.
I had a great experience at Boulder High School. My biggest problem is that the school is getting increasingly crowded. Other than that, the theatre department was great. Most of my teachers we're okay or right, with a couple being fantastic. While I may not have always liked my teacher, I did learn a lot, and BHS has prepared me well for college.
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