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Bordentown Regional School District Reviews

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The Bordentown regional school district is a loving and caring community. They treat every person whether their new students or returning students like their family. They go out of their way to make sure that every family is healthy and doing good, also they do their best to keep everyone safe before during and after school hours.
Great School district. The staff is very friendly and invested in their students education. The theater program at the high school is one of the best for a high school in the area. The recourses provided are extremely helpful to students.
Friendly environment and each teacher has specific skills to compliment any students needs. I went to Bordentown School District from 1st grade to 12th grade and it was the best experience of my life. As a transfer from Hamilton, I learned more and can say confidently that I was happy to have moved. It is a great atmosphere and environment.
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Bordentown Regional School District is a tightly knit, family-like community in which students and teachers form irreplaceable bonds.
Not my favorite place. The environment and the energy produced in the walls of BRHS gives negative vibes. Some teachers are good, but others are rude and disrespectful towards students and create an unstable, toxic education environment. The administration for the most part is unhelpful and treat students as if they’re committed felons and that we should respect them as if they’re royalty when in reality, it’s a small town with a small school full of negative energy. The basketball team is pretty good though.
I liked that Bordentown is a diverse school. I also like how although the students do make cliques the teachers and staff are very accepting and caring. One thing I would change is to have the teachers and staff be more open for students to get help with curriculum.
The teachers all wanted the best for me, they were there to help if I needed it and it overall was a healthy environment.
I love how friendly all staff and administration are at this school. Teachers are always available when I need extra help, and I feel I always have a safe place to learn at Bordentown School District.
Bordentown Regional school district equipped me with the necessary abilities to succeed in a post secondary education.
Bordentown is a very friendly environment. The high school is new and has many unique facilities, which makes learning more interactive.
Bordentown Regional School District is an ok district. They offer pretty good education but especially in the high school there is more of a focus on the arts. The lunch is awful, especially for the price of $3.25.
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