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Bonita Unified School District Reviews

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Bonita was a lovely school, I highly recommend joining a sport or ASB while creating great life skills, you also interact with other classmates to find a common goal, which can empower yourself to become greater!
Bonita Unified in general but San Dimas High School provide for ample opportunity for its students to flourish. From our state of the art performing arts center to our athletics, there is something for everyone.
Education is very high quality. The teachers care about their jobs and teach in a way that relates and connects to their students.
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This District always treats every student fairly, and deals with problems very quickly. They also have a very strong disaplanary program.
Bonita high school provides and strong education with a very supportive staff. The school has a somewhat diverse population. The faculty seems to be very supportive and enjoys educating. I feel I received a great education that prepared me for college and for my future.
The few good things about Bonita are lots of extracurriculars and electives to choose from. However, most of the staff is on a power trip and a lot of students there are bad influences
Overall I had a very great experience through Bonita Unified from kindergarten to senior year. Nearly all my teachers were great, I had a lot more great teachers that outweighed the few bad ones. Location itself creates a generally supportive environment, just have to find a place to fit in/connect with other students and teachers.
I have been struggling with dyslexia my whole entire life. Dyslexia is a general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that does not affect general intelligence. So to improve my reading skills I became a library aide to set aside some time each and every day to read a book.
Also In the library, I have learned how to catalog all of the books and understanding how to catalog is important to my future career as a Business Management.
After High School, I plan to attend a four-year university at California State University Fullerton and major in Business and administration. And for the future, I want to be a Business Management in Real Estate.
This district is actual crap. The school district treats people with problems, like for example, mental illnesses, like garbage. For example once they assessed my brother for autism without my parents permission, and they expelled him for 'behavioral issues' which is complete bull. The only reason this school district does so well is cause they sweep 'problem' kids (aka kids with serious problems) under the rug. I have plenty of terrible stories about this school district and they all include a staff member or the school district itself. This is a great school district if you're willing to turn a blind eye to other kids suffering. Especially in the high schools. I attended this school district for six years, and each of them hell. I am so much happier in my new school district.
The Bonita School District is overall a decent district. San Dimas High School is located right next to a recreational center with a pool and a performing arts center called "Bonita Center for the Arts" which is awesome for the arts programs. The arts are pretty well funded compared to other schools, and the district pays for buses to competitions! The academics are decent as well, with a few exemplary teachers. Options for classes are pretty great as well, with quite a few AP classes to choose from. The student body is exactly how you would assume it to be. For the most part, students mind their own business. The kids involved with the arts programs have only positive things to say about their involvement, especially in the band. The food is decent, but not outstanding. No vegan or vegetarian options.
Being a student in the Bonita Unified School District was an honor. I attended Bonita High School and it was the best four years of my life. I was so devastated to leave and I tear up every single time I pass by the school. I saw Bonita as my second home. It improved me so much to get me ready for life and college. The teachers there were amazing and all of them had a passion for teaching. Everyone was so friendly and open. Of course there is some stereotypical highschool drama, but I did not let that get to me at all. I know that I am going to remember my time at Bonita High School for the rest of my life. It was truly the best experience I could have ever asked for.
I had a good experience in the Bonita Unified School District. I learned many of the life skills that I need for college and my future. The teachers are very nice and understanding to students with certain limitations.
I like all the teachers hired are involved in making sure each student is trying their best in class. I'm extremely impressed by how much dedication each teacher has put into being involved in their school. However I would like to see administration being more involved with students to help get rid of the persona that all admin are mean people who are not open to new ideas,
Good schools, excellent sports program, needs more in the way of fine arts activities, teachers are welcoming and very helpful.
As a graduate of Bonita High School, my experience with this school has been one I will never forget. The involvement that the students have within clubs, classes, sports, and all extracurricular activities is what made me want to be involved as well. With so many things to plan throughout the school year, Bonita's associated student body did their best to make every rally and event something that all students could enjoy. Never once did I have a bad experience with teachers or administration. Their main focus was to aid their students to prosper and thrive throughout their high school years.
The Bonita Unified School District has its heart set on helping students be the best they can be. The teachers are kind and helpful, and the students attending school are diverse and respectful. The faculty of each school, whether its the elementary grades, middle school, or high school, always try to push their students to realize their full potential. When something goes wrong, the faculty, parents, and students work together to fix it. However, the hard-working faculty and involved parents make sure to prevent anything bad from happening to the students. They make Bonita Unified a wonderful place to learn and grow.
I liked that there was diversity in the students, and that the academics were challenging enough to prepare for college level classes
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When attending high school, my experience was great because the school helped me prepare for the future. The teachers had an impact on my experience and growth because they knew what they were teaching, and knew how to help those who did not understand. They helped me grow because they always incorporated life lessons into their classrooms. They also were able to help any student who was dealing with personal matters.
It is very nice in the City of San Dimas. The people help you out a lot if you have any questions. I have attend all Bonita Unified School District schools and I loved it. The academics is good and the sports are very competitive.
BUSD certainly is a more competitive district than its surrounding counterparts, and once in a while you will become acquainted with a truly exceptional teacher. Indeed, the relationships you build with your teachers make the more lackluster aspects of the district very much worth it.
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