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My children have all attended Boerne ISD since kindergarten. My oldest is graduating this year. Boerne ISD was recently awarded the HEB Excellence in Education Winner of the Best Small District in Texas for 2020. The teachers all care deeply and are dedicated to giving their best to each and every student. Our family is involved in both fine arts and athletics. Both programs are outstanding and the talent of the students is amazing.
In Boerne Isd, all the teachers are welcoming and kind. Given the whole coronavirus ordeal, our teachers and the district has had to transfer over to online learning, and they have been doing exellent. Giving us suitable work for the situation, having us complete surveys in each class to make sure we can get to all our work and reasources, and even specializing a time and place for where kids can get the food they would normally get for free at school. I don't think there's a better district in the U.S.
I have been a resident in Boerne, a parent, and a teacher in the district. The students are, as always, regular and wonderful kiddos. The parents can be overbearing at times as this is an affluent area. However, it was fine. The money of the community seems to make the administration a little nuts and I've never really encountered such a politically run district in my esteemed and established teaching career. Human Resources is, quite frankly, a tremendous joke. I'd laugh if I didn't know so many teachers personally hurt or outright destroyed by bogus claims or vindictive parents, coworkers, or simply because they jusy didn't fit the "Boerne Way." At the end of the day, what's best for students seems to be the absolute last thing that occurs to BISD. PR and the bottom line seem to come first.
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Teachers were great, electives were vast, there really was something for everyone to do. Computers, sports, agriculture, arts.
I am a student at Boerne Middle School South, one of the two (now going to be three) middle schools. I personally love the teachers and electives they offer. I do, however, think that they should give as many options for girls sports as they do for boys. I also think they should improve the quality of the food. I would like to make one last note. My parents never get too much parent involvement. Scratch that, they don't get anything, or very little.
But other than that, I LOVE the teachers, proper education, and the staff. I 100% recommend this school for parents who want their kids to have a very good education, however, if you're in it for the sports scholarships, I might not recommend this school.
BISD is a very good school district. They have a collection of incredible teachers and is the most academically competitive high schools I've ever attended.
I appreciate the teachers in advanced placement classes really making my learning feel like a college experience, while at the same time finding the best way to teach as many of us as they can. However, I really do believe that the teachers for regular level classes need to put a bit more effort in their teachings.
My experience at Boerne High School was great. It prepared me for college and allowed me to get into the college of my choosing
Boerne School District is competitive but it makes you strive and work hard for what you want! Prepares well for college!!
I really enjoy my school and I love the learning environment! We have a beautiful campus and a wonderful teaching staff.
The school is considered what we call the Boerne bubble. Many kids here have entitled attitudes, and drama is a must have in the district. However, as a senior I’m glad I finished my highschool career here. They do have many many opportunities to jump start your future. Don’t be fooled by the people, the cliques, drama, etc. Even the parents act like teenagers.
I love Boerne ISD! I have grown up coming here & the environment is so amazing, teachers and students are fantastic!!!! You learn so much too, very hands on!!!
I learned a lot from Champion. However, the focus of the school was based to much upon attendance. They should focus on preparing students for real life instead of how to pass a standardized test.
I was enrolled in Boerne Independent School District for my junior and senior year of high school and for my 8th grade year. Along with all of my elementary years. I enjoyed it and it's nice that all the teachers take time to know their kids and remember you years later.
Such a great school district! I have in the Boerne school district all my life and the teachers have been wonderful. 100% recommend for your children to grow up in.
I have gone to school in this school district since I was in first grade. It has prepared me for college and is very competitive school district. I would recommend this school district to others. It is a small town feel with big city benefits.
Honestly, I had a solid experience in high school. My freshmen year, I wasn't involved with anything; I did track and theatre but I still didn't really feel like I belonged to the school. The following year I started to participate in school plays and I joined cross country; I grew close to my coach and drama teacher. Throughout the years, the facilities have upgraded and have gotten better. I have had trouble in Pre-cal recently, and luckily I have the best math teacher I have ever had: Ms. Guidry. This school always promotes academics over everything and I appreciate that because it has pushed me past my limits.
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Needs to be more diverse but overall I love just about everything about it. It has great resources and for the most part friendly people.
I have gone to Boerne schools since kindergarten and I have had a very good experience at all the schools. Boerne is highly rated and I attended Fair Oaks Ranch Elementary which is a blue ribbon school. The teachers are amazing and the campuses are all very nice. Champion high school is competitive but I think it is a good thing because it has made me more prepared for college. They also offer tons of AP and dual credit classes.
Being new to Boerne High School as an incoming junior, I did not expect the environment of students and staff to be so friendly and helpful! My counselor was always very supportive in my academic needs, and many of my teachers were eager to help. I found my home in the theatre department of BHS; it was AMAZING. There's also some great events the school has to boost morale, and sports events get really exciting.

Overall, most teachers push you to be your best self and there's something for everyone at Boerne High, whether it be the art, architecture, floral design, student leadership, math clubs, and much more.

I would definitely recommend Boerne High School to creative, driven students!
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