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Boaz City Schools only care about money and community influence when they decide on how to treat students especially student-athletes. If the student is decked out in Under Armor then the administration will treat them well and pass them even if they can't read. The system is close to 75% free-reduced lunch, showing that the system is at the poverty level. So, how many kids are being treated poorly due to their parents' finances? This is Pk-12th grade.
I have really enjoyed being a student at Boaz City Schools. I have attended BCS my entire life. BCS is one of the best schools in my area and I wouldn't want to go any where else. Just about every single one of my teachers have been awesome teachers. Everyone includes everyone at BCS and that is so important these days.
Boaz City Schools continues to demonstrate low test scores, high discipline problems, and reports of a micromanaging Board.
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Boaz City Schools is terrible unless you are immediately related to a teacher or Administrator. Sports are terrible, if you are the best at the sport , then you will be fine.
After attending Boaz High School for three years, I have met the most friendly people including both educators and students! Boaz High School has a certain pride in the atmosphere and I hope it always continues. I would like to see more clubs evolve and more students get involved! The love for our school could not be any stronger!
Boaz is a small town, yet the school system uses that to their advantage. The faculty and students all support each other. The teachers always make sure that the students are taken care of and getting the correct information and knowledge that they need. There are always fun school functions to attend not only for the schools but for the community as well.
I'm a senior that attends BHS. Over the 4 years I have attended I've learned so many things in and out of the classroom. The teachers are so helpful and the staff is amazing.
Boaz is a wonderful school system. The classes are very hands on ansd interesting. The teachers are very respectful and kind. They take the time to help the students with any problems they have. The sports are very diverse and amazing.
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