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I like the fact we got our voices heard about everything .Great school. My attendance and all teachers I've dealt with have been so nice and helpful, and only appear to have their pupils best interests at heart.
Others often look down on BHS, but I love my school. They want the best for us and will not stop until we are at the top. It may not be the best High School, but It is the best school for me. The teachers and staff always make sure we are on our A game and have everything done that we need. If we are falling short they make sure to have a conference with us so they can ask us whats the problem and try to fix it as much as they can. We also have many fun activities that often adds some liveliness to the school. Its a school but over the years it has started to feel like a home.
Blytheville High School is a great school to attend. I enjoyed all 4 years being here. I like that the teachers are very kind and helpful. I like that the faculty push us to be better and do everything they can to help us be successful. I also like the way we learn here. I would change the use of computers. We are a new tech school which means most of our work is done online. But I'd rather much do the work on paper.
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At BHS I felt like we were all a family. The teacher's pushed you to succeed and they wanted to see everyone do their best. I always had great extra curricular programs and school clubs meeting to go to and that was the best part.
My experience at Blytheville School District was substandard. The curriculum itself being taught at the high school did not mentally prepare me for college. Fortunately, I took my studies very serious and put forth my own effort to prepare myself for the next level. Also Ms. Watson and Ms. Crossnow were a tremendous help in my prospering. They committed their time and effort to make sure I understood any problems I didn't comprehend immediately. The things I would like to see change are the funding for the sports and education department. The books we received, while I attended were outdated and depleted. The funding for sports was, also extremely low.
Blytheville school district had some good teachers, and also some lazy teachers, the administration was not so involved as they try to portray their self to be. I had some Great teachers, one English teacher i had in high school has been with the school district for years, she enforced structure and got us ready for college, she gave us books to read and explained it to us, she help bring my fellow peers reading scores up by working with them, she taught on a daily basis. The school district was so stuck on implementing laptops in every High school student hand, than really on their education,the teacher should let the students do some work without computers and see if they will be able to think for their self especially in math.
What I like about Blytheville High School Is The Students & The Staff They are very nice and very friendly! They are there to help you when you need it and I also like the clubs and sports we have here it's very fun and you have a lot of opportunities to step out of your character and to find yourself one thing i wish to change is the way we learn i don't think we should learn by the internet i think the teachers should teach more and we should do things by books the only time we should have to use our computers if it has something to do with powerpoints or group work or essays or video watching .
I loved my 3 years of attendance at Blytheville High school. I would like to see the city support change. Its slowly changing now but it's not as good as other schools. I would like to see the school lunch change , some days people don't eat the whole day because of what is served in our cafeteria .
I love the overall atmosphere and the aura the teachers give off. I feel like some of the students aren't great, but there will be students like that in every school. Overall, I love my school.
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