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Blue Springs R-IV School District Reviews

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I love how they push students. Helping them to achieve but also reminding students their fate is in their own hands. I wish though they would take time to prepare us more for the ACT
Nice schools, most of the teachers are excellent and make learning enjoyable while still providing good academic material. If they could change one thing, it could be to provide more college information to seniors. They do a good job of telling you about post-high school options, but promoting scholarship opportunities more would help a lot.
Diverse student body and all around great teacher with the exception of the math and science teachers (minus a few).
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Very diverse culture. I love the outdoor campus and our food truck. The school's motto "win at everything we do" is very true and i am glad i get to be apart of suc a succcessful school.
This district is amazing and full of opportunities for each and everyone of the kids. It allows you to explore everything in the fields of sports, band, music, theatre, art, and much more. The school that I work for has a “you matter” theme. This theme helps the students know that even if they are going through tough times they still matter in the eyes of their school whether that be friends, teachers or other faculty. It helps to recognize when someone doesn’t feel that they matter to reach out to them and be a friend. This theme allows the kids to feel wanted in the eyes of the school and nothing they can do or say will change that. Blue Spring School District only wants to push their kids in the right direction and in the way of opportunities shows that they truly matter.
As a Senior at Blue Springs High School I’ve grown not only as a person but as a student! I’ve been given the opportunities at this school that I never would have imagined. The teachers and admin team ar amazing and such a blessing to have gotten to know!!
This school is very hospitable and has an easy environment to learn in. The sports are full of students who want to be involved and there are over 300 student-made clubs.
I have been in the blue springs district for about 6 years now and I’m currently a junior here at BSHS . It has gotten better throughout my time of being here but I would like to see better treatment of teachers and not make it so hard to be able to contact your counselor .
I have 1 child at mizzou and a junior at BSHS. They are very college ready when they graduate. The school offers AP classes as well as dual credit. My kids have participated in various clubs and activities throughout their years in school, they have success and failures, the Blue Springs district partners well with parents to produce well rounded adults that are prepared for the future.
The elementary schools made me advanced and ready for middle school. There were many advanced class opportunities, which i took! I am enrolled in 12 credit hours this semester as a senior in high school, and i am so thankful for the experience. The only downside to my current high school, Blue Springs South, is the politics. Sports are all based on politics, and the school senate is completely corrupt. They also force you to know what you want to do with your life at a very young age, causing me to have panic attacks even thinking about it.
The Blue Springs School District has given me opportunities that I would have never been able to experience if I was not apart of this amazing district.
experience at Blue Springs school district is wonderful at the high school theirs always a club that you can join.i do wish that there wasnt so many groups. the sports at the school is very political i do wish that would change but overall the school is very welcoming to everyone.
I transferred in sophomore year from an inner city school, at the other school I was a straight A student and did not have a problem with my assignments. But when I started attending Blue Springs High School I didn't realize that the quality of education I was receiving was poor. My grades dropped and even though I wasn't failing any on my classes I had to work harder to get the grade that I wanted. Blue Springs High School has improved my education so that I will be more than ready for college and what is expected of me.
My school is doing a really good job right now of making our school a better place and it really makes me happy. I'm thankful to get to see the start of it all before I graduate.
I liked that Blue Springs schools always had teachers and faculty who really cared about their students and for the most part were able to provide the resources and education necessary to be successful at the next level beyond K-12. I would like to see them move away more from teaching simply to cover material on standardized tests and move more toward teaching all the really relevant and important material to know regardless of any tests. I would also like to see the district as a whole be more open to discussion of issues and problems and unfortunate events that might happen, as well as hire more minority teachers.
I lived my high school that I have been attending the past four years if my high school education. I have experience what t is truly like to be provided with teachers and faculty who truly care about who you are and try to help you become the best person you can be. At our school our motto is “Win At Everyhing We Do” and it’s not meant to discourage losing but rather it is meant to push the students by reminding them to always put their best foot forward and same goes for the staff. Everyday when I walk into school I am greeting by big the pleasant administrators but also a protective environment where I feel I can share my opinions and also get the education I deserve.
My experience in the blue springs school district was wonderful. I wouldn't want to change anything about the school.
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The teachers are very well educated and want to see the best improvement out of their students. I learned many things while there and I had many opportunities to succeed as well as the resources to accomplish them.
Every one is extremely friendly and welcoming. There is a place for anyone to fit in whether it's in music, sports, or video games. Teachers and faculty are always ready to assist when needed. And there is just a connected family environment throughout the school.
My freshmen year at the freshmen center was quite rough. None of the teachers really were that good at teaching and did not really inspire me. However, once I reached Blue Springs South High School I was immersed into a field of teachers with so much passion for their subject. The way they taught made the class fun and broadened my horizons for my future. Without the tremendous guidance and education I received I would not be where I am today.
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