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Blind Brook-Rye Union Free School District Reviews

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Blind Brook is a great school academically that prepares you very well for college. Most students are motivated and push each other to their limits. Teachers are willing to help respectful students who put effort into their class. At times, competitiveness between classmates can be harsh. Some students tear down others and put themselves on an academic pedestal. It would be great if students could be more kind to each other and brag less. Also on a social level, the school is filled with cliques. People are often not very inclusive. I think this is because the grades are so small so everyone knows everything about each student. Changes have been made recently to the lunch room to bring in healthy food and a transition to block scheduling has also taken place. This switch was tough, but handled well and no student was left behind. Security guards walk around and all the doors are locked so people entering can be regulated.
Teachers tend to be decent and personable. However, the math and science departments lack any strong teaching styles. The biggest downfall is the administration. They push for what they want rather than what the students want or need or the community wants. In fact, they feel that cutting courses and building needless infrastructure is the best course of action for the school but they are far from the mark. The school also has a huge student stress people. This tends to be administration born as well as all they do is emphasize test scores and make failed attempt to ”reduce stress” through grading and schedule changes that add more stress.
Blind brook offers quality classes, providing students the opportunity to individualize their schedules and take on leadership roles. The district is small, allowing faculty and staff to get to know the students well, helping guide decision regarding the college process.
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I am afforded a private school level education in a public school. The teachers are excellent and all of them challenge me to be the best student I am capable of.
The school prepares all students for college. The teachers are incredible and help in every way. Students really learn important information that can be used in their future endeavors. Teachers are also willing to help students outside of class time during academic assistance frees as well as after school.
The small district enables Blind Brook to be a tight knit community, and the small class sizes allow for more one on one help. A negative affect of having small class sized is that some classes would be cancelled at the start of the year or they would be unable to form due to the lack of students interest, and their not meeting the required number of students.
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