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I love that Blanchester is a smaller school district, the type where every student knows each other, the teachers know every student by name which is rare nowadays.
I am a graduate of Blanchester high school. I was a senior I was 8 months pregnant an almost not being able to graduate. But the principle Mr. hosler made sure I did . He got me all the help I needed for my OGTs bc that was the only thing holding me back. They really do care about there students an there education!
Students of Blanchester school district get the opportunity to thrive in a community that feels safe and inviting. The teachers and society around the students are involved and encouraging; when you step into the school it can easily feel like home.
If I could change one thing about Blanchester High school it would be altering the opportunities we are given. Since it is a small school, within athletics, its hard to get noticed by colleges individually if you are on a small team, and most of the coaches don't have the right connections to help their players get to that next level, most of it must be individual work. Regarding academics, students have very few electives to chose from. The elective courses and classes, every year, get shorter and shorter as cuts are being made. While, yes, it saves the school money to better the facility, when scholarships come around, many students don't have clubs and diverse electives to help give them a foot in the door.
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Blanchester High School has become a second home to me. The people and teachers are amazing. The teachers always make sure they support us in any way they can and there is nothing bad to say. Although the teachers are great, the school seems like it has gone downhill throughout my four years of high school. I understand rules, however I feel like my choices are very limited and there is no freedom what so ever.
Being at Blanchester High School for four years has been great. The teachers here are superb and have a lot to offer us. We have many upper level classes including honors classes, AP classes and College Credit Plus classes to prepare us for college. Our sports programs are fantastic, we have a pretty wide variety of sports offered to us. We have many extra curricular activities, like FFA, drama, the art club, etc. All of these clubs are fantastic and give everyone at the school a place to fit in. Overall, Blanchester High School is a very good school.
It's an excellent school to be in. The help you whenever you need help with something and we have some of the best past records in the state. The teachers really know what they're doing and it's easy for the students to pick up on.
I have attended the Blanchester School District every year since kindergarten. Now that I am a senior, I look back fondly at my experience at Blanchester. The teachers and administration have always made it clear that the students are the highest priority. The staff has always been friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help the students. I have loved going to this school and I think that it has prepared me for my future in college and made me a better person.
My overall experience attending Blanchester local schools was great! The staff was extremely supportive overall. Wherever there was a need it was met in a timely, fashionable manner. The principle of Blanchester High School is great! This is when I really enjoyed school. Hew was always there to motivate his students. As far as learning goes in the classroom, the teachers know exactly how to make something confusing make perfect sense. There were times in high school when I would struggle with certain lessons and my teacher would stop what she was doing and help me or any other student the best she could. It was an enjoyable time for me. I often still think and dwell on the memories I had while being in high school. I don't believe there is anything to be changed in this school district. It is a tremendous district for someone's child to come into everyday and receive a great learning experience.
I graduated from Blanchester High School and I loved my experience there. The people were so fun and involved, the teachers were very attentive and the administration truly cared about the student body. I also felt very safe here. I knew that if anything ever happened, the staff would do everything in it's power to make sure that the students were safe. The one thing that I did not like about the school district was the lunch food. It wasn't the best.
All of the staff was really friendly. The staff showed dedication to helping the students to succeed in whatever goals that they had set for them selves. The principle was absolutely inspiring. He always gave us confidence and wisdom to point us in the right direction. Blanchester School District was a great school to go to and if I had children of my own, I would gladly send them to this school with a feeling knowing that they were safe when they were there.
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