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I have been enrolled in Birmingham City Schools since kindergarten. I love it! You get to experience new things and have an excellent learning experience. The teachers are easy to talk to and they will give you feed back based off your accomplishments. Birmingham City Schools really cares about the students education.
I would like to see the school systems enforce safety regulations. Most Birmingham city schools are not protected enough for the students. In my opinion I believe Birmingham city school systems needs an increase in math teachers, science teachers, reading teachers and ACT Prep Classes to increase score ratings. Thank you.
In my experience I often feared for my life. While the education system in decent i have been in instance where I felt my life was in Jeopardy. I do not recommend this school system.
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One thing I liked about the Birmingham City School District is that they had an early college program at Woodlawn and I was able to use that resource to gain over 36 college credits by the time I graduated. One thing I would like to see change is for students to be disciplined for their disturbing actions. Sometimes our teachers can not teach because the students are acting chaotically which leads to the information not residing within the students that want to learn.
I would like to see the environment of schools to change. The bathrooms are nasty and some of the schools auditorium are mess.
the teachers dont really care about the students and dont make sure they learn or really make sure they understand it they just teach it to say they did it
To put it this way I wish I was in a different school system because I hated Birmingham City Schools ever since I started school. The thing I like about the system is that they enforce so much education in the schools. They make sure the lesson plans are up to date and have tutoring. What I would change about the school system is when to let up on enforcing education on the students, we need a break sometimes. I'll also like to change the safety of the school system and that we need more people to come and talk more to the teenagers the high schools. The last thing I'll like to change is how much effort the school put into sports, clubs, and extra-curricular. Some schools put too much hype into those events and it draws off the attention of the education.
I have attended Birmingham City schools since I went to Pre-Kindergarten. I attended the top schools that Birmingham City had to offer. While attending these schools, the discipline that I received has truly helped me make it to my Senior year. I can say that I've truly been challenged throughout my education because I've had to stay up late to study and complete my classwork.
One thing that I would like to see changed is how students are treated when trying out for sports. The coaches already have their minds made up on who they want to try out for the team. I tried out over and over again and every time I was rejected. Can you imagined how I felted.I practiced and drilled everyday and I even had a coach drilling me but I still wasn't good enough to make the team. I really would like to see this change because when you work hard at something only to be let down, a change has to come.
My experience into Birmingham City Schools has been very poor. The work that they give is extremely easy and the faculty seems like they don’t care about us students. They only just want us to graduate and they don’t worry about our life as we get into college
As a product of the Birmingham City Schools, I do appreciate the experiences I had within my studies. I've met some phenomenal teachers and not so great teachers, but overall I enjoyed my years.
Birmingham City Schools is an okay school district. I like that there are opportunities available to students such as Gear Up Birmingham which helps with scholarships and getting into college. On the other hand, I wish students and teachers had a more positive student-teacher relationship and that the environment of the schools were better.
My experience with Birmingham City Schools have been great. They have great teachers. They are really focused on making sure the children learn and are safe at all times.Although my experience has been great with Birmingham City Schools I do feel as if they could make a couple of changes.
My experience is an okay experience because of the change in the uniform policy. I would like to change how much the teachers care for the student.
What I like about Birmingham City Schools is that they give courses for high paying job professions. I also like how they teach you real-world situations and on-the-job experiences through field trips. There is always that one teacher (or two) that you will remember at any of the schools in the system. What I dislike about Birmingham City Schools is the environment of kids that are very immature. They fully don't know that Birmingham City Schools is trying to turn African Americans and Hispanics into intelligent, high academic students with jobs that helps them pay for their family. One of my teachers from BCS told me, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. -Nelson Mandela". That stuck with me for 5 years til this day.
The principal was very supportive and concern about the student body. He tried to ensure everyone safety . He would would talk to you and if you needed help in yourstodry academics, he would make sure the teachers worked with you so that you want fail the class. BHC receivs a lot of negative attentions but when things are well and a student is doing something good, the media does not cover that story. All kids from HUffman arent bad. At the end of the school year my graduating class felt like a family.
I love how they help us with our stuff. They never give up on us even when we give up on ourselves. They push us to do better and this is one thing I like about Birmingham city schools.
The teachers try their best , they provide us with everything we may not have . They always check to see if we're doing ok .
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There were not many things that I liked about the high school that I attended. The things that I did like were the after school activities. We have a huge building outside of school for the band room and choir. It was also located right by the track and football practice field. The things that I would change about my high school is some of the strict rules that they have and the way that the children are treated.
Birmingham City school are okay they start to let us out at the right time of emergencies. They change up the way our learning system was with upcoming seniors by helping them study for the A.C.T. for to be College Ready and to be accepted to go to a great college. Birmingham City Schools also are helping us more on to get better food in the lunch room that is healthy but more satisfying for students also.Birmingham City Schools are also treating the Schools who come on time and do great on the A.C.T. to not be a failing school but to also have us have something to look forward to coming on time.
From Birmingham City School I’ve learn that they want nothing but success for the students . They faculty and staff try there best to reach out the students ,to be there for them and help them get on the right track for success .
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