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Big Walnut Local School District Reviews

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Overall Big Walnut is a good school but they tend to focus more on sports than any other extracurricular activity. They have decent food provided but is a bit pricey. The population is growing and they are currently building a new high school and elementary.
I had an amazing guidance counselor that really encouraged me and look at all my available options. I had a few amazing teachers who really cared about me. Mostly though it was a pretty average school.
I moved into the district starting my junior year, and the staff and students made me feel very welcome. While it was easy for me to adjust, I wish administration had taken more time to listen to student's ideas.
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Big walnut is a fun school that lets you express yourself. Rumors spread very fast so you cant believe everything you hear. A lot of the teacher are super nice and will not force you to do work in class if you are nice to them and still get your work done Although some of the teacher are very strict and you will have a long tough year of a lot of work but it is good tow have two different classes like that because it prepares you for the many types of bosses and college professors you will have in the future.
I love the community environment that we have as a whole, all of the event ar family-friendly and there is always a ton of participation. I also appreciate all of the clubs and organizations the school help students become affiliated with.
from the first day I enrolled, the staff all treated me like I had been there forever. All the teachers and students were very helpful, not only did they help me find my way around the school. They also helped me learn my way around town. None of them have ever teated me like I was different, due to my IEP.
I do love Big Walnut. the teachers and staff are amazing. They truly care about their students and it shows. I have had many amazing teachers that I would argue have altered my outlook on life in a more positive way. The students there are wonderful as well. I am a senior this year and I can whole heartily say my grade, my fellow classmates, my friends, we are a family, I love them. Very close knit community as well.
The school itself is very small which is one of the things I like most about it. You know everyone in the district. The community is very close and is there for one another. The education system I think is very good. The teachers truly care about their students and reach out to them if the student is struggling. It has many clubs and sports to make everyone feel like they belong somewhere.
I loved the direct interest thof teachers had in their students. The wanted the best for them and pushed students to do their best. I wouldn’t change anything.
Big Walnut High school is an extraordinary place. With amazing academics and teachers, supportive staff and excellent opportunities. Away from the school itself, Big Walnut is one of the strongest communities known. Through tragedy such as a student passing away from a car crash in 2016 and a love staff member, custodian, and honorary football coach in 2017, We all come together to love, support, and protect one another. Big Walnut is not just a school, but a family of wonderful characters that are accepting of students and their differences such as race, religion, gender, and disability, We remain a family.
All of the staff are dedicated to their students. There are many different opportunities for students in the district.
Great quality teachers and activity community with lots of activities and sports.
The elementary schools still have the option of all day kindergarten or half day options. We choose half day after having not 1 but 2 kindergarten checks before school even started so that services if needed could be arranged for the first day of school.
Big Walnut is an excellent school district. Overall our experience has been very positive. The staff are dedicated to providing an outstanding education to the students.
I went to big walnut my whole school career, and loved big walnut. The teachers were supportive and made learning easy. I had the opportunity to go to the career center my last two years of HS for the nursing program and was able to learn so much and get my STNA and Phlebotomy licenses.
Big Walnut has cultivated many bright and innovative individuals with a solid education foundation and background which will be able to transport them into whatever their future brings. Because Big Walnut is situated into the small, blossoming town of Sunbury, Ohio, a strong sense of community, support, and network is built into the roots of the village and school. It is a very safe atmosphere with teachers and administrators who care deeply for the students and families associated with the district.
Big Walnut is an amazing school, and there seems to be a niche for every kind of student. (For kids who aren't athletic i seriously recommend drama club.) There are a lot of truly inspiring teachers and although there are of course a few bad ones, they are hugely outnumbered. Overall it's a great school, my only concern is that its growing very quickly and so the 'community' feeling may soon diminish.
The Big Walnut school district is very close together and everyone is supportive of everyone else. I don't think I would change anything.
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