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Beverly High School offers a great variety of challenging classes and exciting activities. I have been able to explore many interests and express myself beyond what I thought I was capable of. The teachers, directors and advisors have supported me in strengthening my skills and developing self-confidence. I have discovered that trying new things leads to new discoveries in myself. Although I may not have been the best at everything I tried, It was important to be involved and be a part of the school in many ways. I cherish the friends I have made during the past 4 years. Through their involvement, support and kindness, my experience at Beverly High School has been a comforting, safe, and exciting time for me to challenge myself and grow.
I wish the upper administration would listen more to students rather than focus solely on the district politics and sucking up to the school district head. It sometimes seemed as though the administration really was not very interested on student wellbeing; rather, they were interested in how the school looked to outsiders. Even some teachers have voiced these concerns, though never to ungraduated students.
Great locations and even better education. Teachers care and extra-curriculars are fantastic. Administration needs to listen to student feedback though and get kids learning outside of school too!
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I loved the welcoming atmosphere throughout my time in the Beverly School System. I was able to make strong bonds with many of my teachers.
I was only in the Beverly Public School system for high school so that's what my rating is based on. Overall my experience was good, in my earlier years the food was pretty good and I was assigned mostly good teachers with a few great ones sprinkled in!
However, in the past year or two things have gone downhill a little; the food has gotten really bad, good teachers are leaving (especially the ones in the sciences), and the class sizes are growing a lot.
Beverly High School is a very good public school system. All the facilities are above average, they are clean and well taken care of. Most of the teachers are awesome, the take in our feedback and apply it to helping us with our learning. The sports and clubs are great because there are many different options and there are co-ed options as well. There are police officers at the schools making it safer for the kids. Over all the school culture is good the kids get along and work with each other to achieve goals.
It used to have a better community, stronger school spirit. We lost our principal and assistant principal a year ago and environment is very different. Instead of assuming we are trusted young adults - the assumption is we're doing something wrong and are children.
Beverly public schools has been my place of study since the 5th grade. Throughout high school, I've had an amazing experience. However, the city isn't very diverse which stinks because it causes many of the students to be extremely close minded towards other cultures. Being a hispanic, I found it difficult to fit in with people who were rich and lived in extremely big houses.
my experience was ok. It was good but not great, some of the teachers are great and some are below average.
Beverly Public Schools are safe, hospitable, and educational environments. As the years went on with my educational experience, I grew to enjoy school more and more due to the modern and accepting outlook on the student body. Beverly Public Schools are well funded and have spectacular programs and clubs that made me feel connected to my passions. The teachers and student faculty are respected, educated, and kind to their students.
I love the laptop program and the amazing academic opportunities in the Beverly Public Schools district. I learn so much and my knowledge of many different subjects continues to expand more than ever. The only thing that I would want to change is the relationships between people at these schools whether it between a student and another student or a student and a teacher. The schools do not always handle social issues between people very well, which can cause more problems to arise. Other than the difficult social piece, the Beverly Public Schools district is pretty incredible.
I have had a pretty good experience with Beverly Public Schools, but I have had serious issues with some specific teachers.
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