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Beverly Hills Unified School District Reviews

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I was bullied much throughout my middle school and elementary school years there to the point where I had to move schools. But highschool was somewhat better. A lot of superficial people. But many really really good teachers the level of academics is pretty high. Sports weren’t the worst or the best. Diversity has gotten better but is still lacking.
Great school district. We moved to Beverly Hills for the excellent public schools. Great teachers and friendly family atmosphere.
It is a great school for students who take advantage of what school has to offer but does not have a lot of top performing academic students and too many students choosing community college route
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One of the best School. The people here are amazing! After I graduate I know it's this community I'm truly going to miss the most. Besides just the people, students here have the most amazing opportunities Beverly Hills Unified School District truly gives students the space to grow.
While the District does well to prepare students for the future, between a sorry under funding of the arts and a woeful lack of student pride, the district leaves much to be desired.
Great school district! Very academic oriented and safe. I had a positive experience here. It is also very diverse, with numerous opportunities to become involved in clubs, activities, and sports. Definitely a competitive school district that prepares you for college.
BHUSD has a lot of good programs designed to help students as much as possible. There's also a lot of great amount of activities for students to do which include sports, clubs, etc.
Great! I would highly recommend this district to anybody going there. Staff is very involved with student work. Staff is also very helpful.
The school is pretty good, but there is construction at the moment so we had to move to bungalows which s not that bad, but when the new buildings will be finished the school will be amazing.
The school needs an upgrade in facility, as much of the school is from the 70's and 80's. Depending on certain teachers, there are teachers who certainly care about the students and those who are just there and treat it as a job. Sports, football is the most funded, but the worst sport. Our best sports currently are tennis, basketball, and cross country. While the other sports are lacking in strength. Administration can also be a little difficult to deal with. As many of the staff seem to have a this is just a job mentality, instead of being here to help students. Academics is rigorous, depending on the teacher, many students will try to get through the easy way with easy teachers. But to balance that out there are those hard teachers that make you work for your grade. Which is good. This school does get you ready for college, all you have to do is take the right courses and push through. The school overall is absolutely awesome, wouldn't go to any other school.
I think the school is an okay school. There's a mix of teachers but they are either amazing or terrible! The ASB, student government, does a lot for the school and they put on great events.
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