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I would like to see more diversity,more realistic approaches to situations ,less favoritism.............................,,,,,..,,,,,,.....less double standards.......................................................................................................................................................
As a senior of Bethpage High School and someone who has gone to Bethpage schools for my entire life, I can confidently say that Bethpage UFSD has provided me with an amazing and worthwhile education. The teachers I have had have been engaging, passionate, and determined to help students reach their highest potential. Teachers are easygoing and many are empathetic when students need extra help or extended deadlines. Bethpage's administration shows support for its students by offering them a strong guidance department and meditation center for students who need a place to relax. Our clubs are average mainly because the selection of clubs to choose from is minimal, and I have never seen a student create a club of their own. However, the schools makes up for it with engaging events and opportunities, and I have seen an increase in quality of all the educational departments since I became a senior. Sadly, our school district struggles with diversity and many students are white.
My overall experience attending the Bethpage Union Free School District has been nothing but positive. Diagnosed with PDD- NOS and classified with Autism, Bethpage has afforded me all the opportunities to succeed academically, socially, and athletically. At 2 1/2 -5 years of age, Bethpage gave me the opportunity to attend Variety Learning Center ( a special education pre-school) with additional speech therapy and ABA therapy to help me prepare to be a learner in my home school district. The tools and resources that were provided for me to become successful are endless. My teachers, therapists, coaches, and even my friends played an integral role in helping me achieve my goals. Their continuous support and guidance, helped me to develop self-confidence and perseverance. From my personal experiences, I wouldn’t change a thing about the Bethpage School District.
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Honestly the best high school experience. All the teachers are super welcoming, and they want the absolute best for you.
Bethpage is a great school district to be a part of. There are so many clubs and sports for students to get involved in.
I enjoyed most of my time at Bethpage schools. With some exceptions, most teachers were involved and extremely helpful. I feel I have received a very good high school education. These schools provided outside activities as well to have fun with friends and family and bring together our community.
Very good education, easy to get along with teachers and peers. Extra help is more than provided if a student is lacking in a subject.
I went to Bethpage School District from Kindergarten to Senior Year of High School. In Elementary School, Kramer Lane specifically, I found the faculty and staff to always be on the job and always looking to do what they can to give each and every kid the best experience in childhood. JFK Middle School, brought different challenges such as lockers, individual physical growth and changes, but faculty helped each and every student and made themselves very available for any student. High School, brought about some of the best years of my life so far, from Being Drum Major of the Band, On the Ice with the Ice Hockey Team or the Tennis Courts for their Tennis Team, or even just every day walking through the Hallways, Students, Staff ,Administration made Bethpage HIgh School very memorable and became a second home and a place I will always look back on and see some of the fondest memories.
There are many great teachers and many activities offered outside of school. Everyone is friendly and teachers do their job very well.
Bethpage High School has provided me with amazing outlets to discover myself and prepare myself for higher education. The faculty and staff made me feel welcome and appreciated to be a Golden Eagle. Bethpage has a wide variety in classes and extracurricular to make it easy for every student to find themselves a place where they belong.
Excellent school district. Good teachers amd it is safe schools.schools activities and sports activities are also great
I had an overall great experience at this school. The teachers offered a wonderful array of resources for the students to take advantage of, and worked very diligently to ensure student success.
It was an overall great School. It gets you ready for college and I had a great time there. Some things like diversity could be up a little more but still it was a fantastic high school. It was safe the clubs were great. Teacher were overall pretty good and wide variety of class sports and clubs you can get involved in. It really is one of the top public schools in the United States of America
Out of the many teacher I had through my High School experience there has been only one that was a real problem otherwise they were all very helpful and resourceful in passing the class. Additionally, the school academic center is pretty good if your teacher can come to extra help, weather it be because of a teacher meeting which seems like every other day or they can't make it.
The education and the stuff was up to par. The teachers are well educated and understand what they are teaching. We were provided with Chromebooks to further our education however, though the intent was in the right place, it was executed incorrectly as the Chromebooks are barely used since teachers do not know how to use them and implement them into lesson plans. I feel this will evolve over time, however I believe the money would have been better spent on investing in newer, more efficient smart boards as they are used in every class, everyday, and every single teacher I have ever had had always complain about the smart board's inefficiency.
Bethpage is overall a really good district to be a student of. They offer many AP and College level classes, and many out of school activities such as clubs and things to get involved in. The teachers are actually really efficient and helpful. It’s a small school district so it’s easier for each student to be cared about individually.
I thought it wasn't diverse enough I wasn't exposed to other races. Also, I felt as if the teachers which were majority white acted more favorably to their white students.
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It’s a very tight knit community full of well educated people and student athletes. It’s a great district with many extracurricular activities and clubs.
I love the school. It feels so safe to be in and teachers always make sure that you understand what you're doing.
Bethpage School District has been a great place for our children to be educated. We have had a good experience so far with the teachers and excellent administrators. We are proud of our children's accomplishments and owe it to the dedication of the caring staff.
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