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They have very good academics and their teachers are always willing to help. They have a wide variety of activities and clubs for everyone. I’ve felt comfortable there since elementary school.
It is a very good public school. I went to a top private school for 2 years before I moved to NY. This school is not nearly as good as my private school, but it is a great public school. Just wish the teachers would teach more instead of relying on us to teach ourselves, especially in math class.
It was bittersweet to graduate from Bethlehem. I have always been close to my friends and teachers that I have met throughout my years there. I was fortunate enough to play on the Girls Lacrosse team for 4 years and I will never forget it. I loved the atmosphere of the entire school. The theater, sporting events, and even just being in the halls were always so fun and exciting. When I was there we won best fan section in NYS 4 years in a row. I am honored to be a graduate from BCHS.
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It is your typical suburban school district. The district is very concerned with its “numbers” and “test scores”. The resources are there to add to that, but if you are an average student either academically or athletically or both, it is very easy to “fall through the cracks” and nobody seems to really care about those students. There are not a lot of opportunities for average students. Both the middle school and the high school have the feeling of an “old boy’s club” amongst the teachers and the administrators. The same is true about the culture of the athletic teams for both the boys and girls teams. There is a concern amongst parents not to speak up at times out of fear of retribution from teachers or other staff members.
As cheesy as it sounds- it’s what you make of it. It’s not too cliquey, ideologically diverse, high-achieving and academically competitive, has good sports teams in which people attend the games of, many of the teachers are relatable and receptive, and everyone has a bit of school spirit in them. It’s a good size and everyone is very friendly (almost suck-up friendly but friendly nonetheless.) As long as you are open minded, do your work & are involved you’ll have a good experience. My only issues have to do with the lack of diversity in income, religion and ethnicity. Because of this, people tend to be ignorant and I’ve noticed that many people of the same race stick together, etc.
The academic side of the school was good. Teachers were very helpful and always trying to push you to do better. There is no diversity at all. Being a p.o.c. was hard, people wouldn't exactly talk to me or discriminate towards me. There were not enough clubs. I love languages, and they only had two language courses.
They had a very wide range of teacher types and while there was a strong student support system, the administration sometimes failed to see the value in students’ opinions. Overall, the atmosphere of the school was lighthearted and a great learning environment.
Bethlehem Central High School is an amazing school. They really believe in education and helping students out with whatever they need. The school also has a program called Lab School, which is an organization that focuses on project based and hands on learning. The program does not believe in tests and believes that for children to really learn about a topic they need to experience it. The program takes students on educational field trips to places like Gettysburg or Boston to learn about history. They also take the kids on retreats to learn about biology and also learn teamwork. The program only allows 30 students from each grade in and those students stay together throughout high school. It gives the students a chance to really bond and make close friends for life. I love Bethlehem and would never want to go anywhere else for an education.
Growing up in the Bethlehem School District, I have loved my time here. There is a really great sense of community within our schools. It is a place where everyone can fit in and find their place. There are so many clubs and teams in the school where you can really find where you belong. I have learned so much in my years here as a student. The teachers are always willing to help and want the best for you. As a student, I would’ve liked to have some more say in things that happened or changed - like the venue of our graduation - however I know that is most likely unrealistic. For the most part our school is a great place to grow up in and I wouldn’t trade my experience there for anywhere else.
My experience at Bethlehem has been an amazing journey. The friendships I have created will last a life time. the teams and clubs I have participating in have taught me and prepared me for whatever awaits me. The education I have received and the help from the faculty have second to none.
Bethlehem Central School District has done fantastic things for my education and has allowed me to excel in areas I never thought possible.
I had a great experience there. I was happily accepted to every college I applied to. I felt prepared to apply.
I would love to see a change in the teaching style as well as more involvement with trying to rid how much bullying is in this school. I remember hating this school because I never felt safe to just be myself and that is just high school but the staff should try to make a change to this trend.
The varsity sports are really good. The coaches are very knowledgable and committed. Most of our teams either win their section or come in second. The teachers are well versed in their subject material. The teachers are always willing to stay after school and help students with the material.
I have had a very good experience at Bethlehem. I have been able to take challenging classes with very good teachers. I have also gotten to participate in sports and a variety of clubs. This school has a lot to offer both in and out of the classroom.
The school has lots of opportunities for AP students as well as alternative education like the outstanding Lab School program.
Good education but there are some kids that make the environment difficult to focus in. The administrative staff doesn't do a very good job. I have been doing well in this education system for 12 years now and i think the standard has remained the same. The school is good about keeping up with preventative measures for bullying and illegal activities. I think it has also prepared me for college to a point where I am confident going in to college next year.
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Bethlehem is a large community which takes everyone's needs into account and brings students' ideas to life. It is a very encouraging environment in which I am very happy to be a part of.
Overall it is a very good school district with amazing resources and staff. There are areas for improvements for administration. Very well funded district with great class offerings and facilities. Curriculum is good. Compared to other schools in the surrounding area, definitely one of the best.
Bethlehem is helpful in every way possible and does not have very much space for improvement. It is well developed in almost every sense and is always looking for ways to improve and change. The only thing is there is sometimes too much change and I have recently become the guinea pig year where we have tried different testing and different materials and we will see how that has all helped or hurt in the future. It is among the best public schools in New York State and always ranks well in the academic field and is academically competitive. There is also a club for everyone and a strong variety of extracurricular activities.
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