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Liberty High School provides an excellent high school experience, with a great selection of courses and a plethora of clubs to choose from. Although there are many great aspects of the school, the overall safety of the school could be improved, and the cleanliness of the facilities.
I have been in the Bethlehem Area School District ever since I was in Kindergarten, and many of the teachers and students have helped me to grow into the person I am today. Although sometimes some students can be hard to get along with, I'm always looking forward to going to school to see all the teachers and the friends I have made. My schools have given me many opportunities to grow and has many options for honors, academic, and AP.
Bethlehem Area School District is a great district to attend school. It has great extra curricular activities and learning opportunities. The teachers in the district are very supportive and motivating.
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I honestly enjoyed being a student of the Bethlehem Area School District; I was given amazing teachers at Freedom High School. I always believed that I was given a quality education and I am ecstatic to further my education thanks to my experiences at BASD
I love Bethlehem Area School District. I attend Liberty High School and have endless opportunity there.
There are both college track and tech track for students. Many clubs, activities, sports and music to choose from, so something for everyone. A lot of shcool and district spirit thoughout the discrict.
As a student at freedom high school, I can say that the district offers excellent courses. Everything is centered on what you want to do later on in life. The issues are the lack of diversity and the attentiveness from counselors.
It is so special to be part of a district that integrates urban, suburban and rural so thoughtfully. The middle and high schools in particular mix township and city kids in a way that benefits both.
It was average experience. Teachers were not very involved and seemed more focused on test score result and not the students understanding of the material.
Some schools are in bad parts, some of the children are very bad, some parents just don’t care. But the teachers are very good and try their best to keep things together!
The Bethlehem Area School District (BASD) is overall a very good district for children to attend school. It is a good learning environment that the administration is constantly trying to improve. I attend Freedom High School, and it, like every school, has its strengths and weaknesses. I have had many classes that I have loved and learned so much from while others have been the exact opposite. Some areas of the school are very nice while other parts need to be updated. The BASD does understand these inconsistencies and is slowly making improvements. The district is a nice place to learn, and I'm sure it will be even better in the future.
Bethlehem Catholic is stars above the rest!
Great academics, student opportunities, sports opportunities and faith.
I learned a lot from this area school district. I grew up in this area and I grew with great other students and great teachers who cared about all of us.
It has been a great four years in high school. I have had many opportunities in this school district with sports and academics. The teachers are great they support the students and their academics. The school area is safe if anything bad happens were quickly protected by faculty and the city. Sports is a big thing here, and I am so glad I was able to take part all four years in softball. Teaching me how to respect and love the game even more so than I already had been. The school buildings are kept clean and nice. The lunches are average they could be better but that is why I always packed my lunch. I am glad BASD has given me so many opportunities to succeed in my life and they have helped me for my future.
Bethlehem school district has been a great to experience overall, all of the administration and students show an ample amount of school pride which is always so awesome to witness, and even better when you’re apart of it. Along with having teachers who give you every reason to strive, but they also genuinely care for all of their students and for the most part are understanding.
The majority of the teachers that work in the Bethlehem Area School District have been born and raised in the area. The teachers are not incredibly adept at handling students of diverse backgrounds. This is most likely due to their own small mindedness.
The teachers are very invested and go out of their way to provide a strong support system for students however, I feel it would they can do a better job preparing students for college by bringing in local college student in. They could go over the importance of doing well early, dual enrollment, networking, scholarships, community service, and provide a more relatable relationship.
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The things I enjoy most about Bethlehem Area School District is that the schools can be rivals during games but can instantly turn and work together. For example, football game rivalry and BASD mini-thon to raise money for children with pediatric cancer. I can say, the academics in BASD are great. Most teachers are willing to involve themselves with their students and are willing to help as much as possible. The most important change I would like to see are in the facilities. Some facilities are run-down and outdated. I would also like to see a change in the food. The food served is either unhealthy or not edible. An alternative would be natural foods like fruits and veggies, or anything that provides proper nutrition. Lastly, I would like to see an increase in diversity. It would love to see more international exchange students throughout Bethlehem Area School District. Not only do they increase diversity, they educate students about other customs and cultures.
I made a lot of good friends in school, and most my teachers were good at teaching. I only had a handful of teachers that I really didn’t like, and some of the people I’ve come across weren’t the best.
It is a great environment. I feel safe walking through those double doors everyday and every teacher is willing to lend a hand whenever you are in need of help. Upper class man also help the younger ones out especially if you are part of a sports team. We build bonds that are unbreakable. Freedom High School is a no place for hate zone and we stick to that motto. We love to show our school spirit too when it comes to pep rally's, games, and other events. Our principal puts the biggest impact on Freedom because he is the one who leads our school to great things. The events we do such as Mini Thon create such positive environment throughout our school. Everyone is willing to get involved and it is amazing what we can do when everyone comes together for the kids.
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