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I loved my time in the Bethel School District. Although the music and arts departments could have done with a great deal more funding and attention, I got a lot out of my classes and felt prepared for college once I left.
I love Bethel Public Schools. They helped to shape me into the person I am today. Showing me right from wrong, preparing me extraordinarily well for the world that lay ahead. Both further education, as well as in life.
excellent staff and teachers who push students to do their best and to never give up.i wouldn’t change anything about bethel except help applying to scholarships before graduation
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I am an alum of the Bethel Public Schools. I attended from kindergarten through grade 12. My experience with the Bethel Public School system was a positive one. I remember the teachers were awesome and cared about the students. The administration was pretty good. The academics were awesome and would prepare you for college. The school system had lots of extracurricular activities. The sport teams are okay. The food they serve is okay and they tend to offer healthy options. The schools themselves were clean and in great condition for the most part. They had decent facilities.The high school went under a renovation and I was a freshman at the time. They found asbestos in the ceilings and we would get sent home a few times while that was being handled. Now, they’ve moved the Bethel Police Station closer to the school systems so there’s extra security. There weren't any shootings or drug use. There wasn’t too much diversity when I was in school.
There was always someone to help and give advice. But, sometimes the work really piled up and it was hard to get everything done.
Teacher's personality and ability vary, facilities is that of a typical high school, perfect talent pool regarding students but school seems to not maximize potential currently. Culture is typical as well, while our sports teams are average to contenders at best. Attention to special needs groups are excelling, and the Bethel High School does appear to be making ambitious improvements from a students perspective. Students, personalities and abilities vary as previously stated Bethel High fits into the typical high school clique rather perfectly. Thus the experience overall is very much what the individual makes out if it.
Moving from another state to Bethel senior year would've been very difficult, but the students and staff at Bethel High School welcomed me with open arms and made the transition a piece of cake for me
Bethel school system is fine in the way it handles acedemics. It’s an especially good place for playing sports. Maybe not so good with football but all the other sports are top notch. The high school this year did a poor job with helping kids apply to colleges. 60% aren’t going to college while the majority of the other 40% are going to westconn
Bethel schools had very committed teachers that wanted to see students succeed. Despite the support and encouragement from the staff as well as other students, I think the district would benefit from including more personalized learning for students and more diverse courses.
Strict but easy going teachers and staff and very friendly environment and very welcoming to all clubs and activities providied by the district and school events
Small school with small class sizes. Teachers and staff are caring. School spirit is solid and sports teams get lots of student parent support.
Bethel High School (BHS) has made me a successful high school student. My counselor has helped me explore my interests by choosing challenging courses (honors and AP), encouraged me to be involved in clubs and sports offered by BHS, and help me through the college admissions process. The school offers a Navy ROTC course that has beneficial to me by teaching leadership training, discipline and the importance of participating in community service activities.
There are many clubs and competitive sports programs offered. In my case it was the Honors Society, Student Government, Foreign Language Society, Key Club and Media Club. I competed in soccer (4 years), swimming (1 year), Indoor track (3 years) and outdoor track (4 years).
I attended Bethel High School for all four years and throughout my time there I was able to play varsity sports as well as take college classes. During my time spent at Bethel High School I was able to receive a great amount of information to get me ready for college.
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