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It has excellent schools, especially its high school. It does well prepare me to college and achieve future success in my career path. It will be more attractive if the high school adds more AP courses and administer more AP subject tests and have higher level AP math courses after AP Calculus II.
Bernards Township is a very diverse and welcoming place for students. They focus on the wellbeing of their students as if they were their own children. All the schools in this township have a strong sense of community that is open to everyone.
Great schools! They offer many different classes and levels beginning even in the elementary schools.
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I was a part of the Bernards Township School District my entire life (K-12). It definitely prepared me for life after grade school and has made college a lot easier.
Ridge is very academically strong and emotionally challenging.
Academically, the classes are challenging and there is a wide variety of choices that a student can choose from depending on what they are interested in. Students often remember information for the test and then everything tenaciously studied for goes out of heads. Some teachers try to engage students, but others feel that it is the students' own responsibility to be interactive in the class.
Emotionally, Ridge High School has improved by making counselors and support more available to students. However that it has been to the point that at presentations welcoming the grades back from the summer, the last slide contains a suicide hotline prevention center. I applaud the school for making the changes needed to prevent past tragedies from happening again; however, I believe a more effective method to encourage students to reach out for help when needed.
My son entered Bernards Township School District as an 8th grader after growing up in Japan attending Japanese schools. At Bedminster school he encountered engaging and supportive teachers. This positive experience impacted my son deeply. He was meant to `study abroad` in New Jersey for one year and then return to Japan, but on his own accord he wanted to stay in America. We decided to let him to live with his grandmother and continue his education at Bernards High School. I grew up in Basking Ridge and graduated from Ridge High, so I had full confidence in the School district knowing he would be well educated and prepared for college. He has grown and learned so much from his time at Bernards High School, not only as a student but as an athlete, a musician and a thoughtful member of society. We are so grateful that his teachers, coaches and staff have gone above and beyond to help him reach his goals.
Teachers genuinely interested in students. Families/students ultra competitive leading to Stressful environment.
Bernards Township School District provides the best of the best in a great town. All of it's schools are highly achieving and have great reputations. The district only hires the best staff that they can find. Diversity is rarely a problem but can be due to an extremely low African American and Hispanic population.
Good quality of education and nice schools. They teach the children how to prepare for college. But I think they can have less amount of homework.
Overall a solid 13 years in this school district. Teachers are always willing to help and accommodate. The kids are also very nice.
Great school system, prepares students for college with involvement in sports, clubs and extra help from teachers.
I liked the small-town vibe environment that Bernard's gave, but it gets old fast. Once you get a bad reputation, you want to leave the "bubble" as soon as possible. The academics did although prepare me for college by giving me a great baseline knowledge of fundamentals needed for the science career path. Also, the spanish program really prepared me for success at the college level.
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