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Berea Community is the greatest independent district around. Students are pushed and given so many opportunities due to the smaller population.
I have attended Berea Community Schools from pre-k through senior year. Overall, my experience has been outstanding. The faculty and staff have made such a warm welcoming experience, and continue to stretch open arms to students who are struggling. At Berea, no student goes unnoticed.
I love going here! There is always some new opportunity for me to chase my dreams. I plan on continuing my education throughout highschool here!
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I have gone to Berea Community School since the fourth grade. I love the culture of the school. The school is like a close knit family and they do a very good job at making everyone feel welcomed. I do wish the faculty and staff would have pushed me a bit harder throughout school. Overall Berea has made me feel safe and comfortable throughout my years that I have attended school here.
I've been at berea independent school since preschool. Every teacher is nice and supportive they treat you like family, they care about you.
At Berea Independent Schools, it is truly a community. Everyone talks to everybody and they accept one another. The staff are very helpful and will help you anytime you need help with your school work. I highly recommend it!
As an Alumni from Berea Independent School, I would have to say that I am blessed to have been from there. Socially teachers and students were accepting, me being a new student my Sophmore year it was easy to fit in. Academically I think they could improve just a little, also focusing a lot more on "real life" things such as budgeting, taxes, loans etc. Other than that I would highly recommend this School to all.
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