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Benzie County Central Schools Reviews

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Benzie Central is a small school, but it has plenty of opportunities for the students. Also, the education is very good. They have plenty of honors classes as well as AP classes, and chances to dual and enroll at the local community colleges. All of the teachers that work there are super nice and good at their job.
Going to Benzie was one of my favorite thing about my teenage years. I was involved in sports and I always felt like I truly belonged there. I loved my time as Benzie. I felt like in high school it was truly a blessing and a privilege to be able to play a sport, because, everyone who did made friends with people who they would have never spoken to if they hadn't. I think with it being such a small school and having so many people be involved in those sports really knocked out the clinginess of high school. One thing I would suggest they get better at is addressing bullying. We had assemblies and were told of the hardships kids in our school faced daily. But, when these acts of harm were brought to the schools attention nothing was done about it, for the most part.
The teachers really do the best they can with what they have. We consistently have high AP scores and SAT scores. We are a small school but that doesn’t stop us. We have allies at the University of Michigan that help with our biology program. Our community has proven to be unbelievably strong, even in tragedies. During the COVID-19 outbreak, the teachers and staff at Benzie have been so caring and dedicated to ensuring that their students are well taken care of. I am asked multiple times a week by my teachers how I am handling the situation and if I need anything. I am so thankful to attend Benzie Central Schools. The opportunities that I have been given through attending Benzie have been so amazing. Although I’m planning to leave Benzie County to go see the world, I can’t wait for the day when I return to this amazing community to give back to the place that’s given me so much throughout my life.
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Benzie is in a unique geological place where it is a nice place to live. Benzie Central School is great at helping the student prepare for college by giving them many early college opportunities and AP classes. The staff is very invested in each individual student as apart of its small school charm. However, there are some flaws such as the fact that the building is really old and there are few modern updates due to the lack of funds. I also tend to see the school giving a large part of its resources and time into glorifying the sports but tend to overlook the achievements of other fields such as the arts and academics. This could be changed purely by advocacy and outreach to other clubs and extracurriculars. Also, the school is trying to pass a bond in order to raise more funds for the school district however it keeps getting voted down because people don't know how bad the school building is because of aging.
I have been going to Benzie Central my entire life and, overall, it has been a great experience. Although we lack the facilities and resources of larger schools, we are very academically successful. The teachers here care a lot about the students and their education, and have always put them first. I would say that despite our size and funding, Benzie has produced many great students who have went on to live very successful lives. As I close out my senior year, I am certain that I have been taught all of the skills necessary to excel in a university and am very proud to call myself a Benzie Central alumni
I graduated from Benzie Central high and our band program was amazing. our jazz band was amazing and sports were great too
Good school. Some facilities change would be nice, but if the May 7 bond passes, it will be great. The teachers really do care about their students, and it's very close knit- everybody knows everybody.
I have gone to Benzie Central high school since my sophomore year. The staff is very friendly and approachable. My Mom works as a special education teacher in the middle school and high school. The atmosphere of the school is very positive. The class offerings are pretty diverse and we have many opportunities while attending the high school such as AP classes, advanced gym, and advanced studio art.
My experience with the Benzie School system was good, but I also pushed myself. I graduated with extra credits. The advisors didn't really take the time to sit down with you to plan your classes accordingly. As a matter of fact, I don't think I ever DID sit down with anyone. I just picked my own classes. I had great teachers, who have since retired, and great memories.
There are many things that I like about Benzie Central Schools. I like the small classroom environment, and the one on one help I am able to receive from my teachers. I also enjoy the wide range of sports and extracurricular activities offered to everyone in the school. One of the things that I would change about Benzie Central Schools is the high rate of bullying. Administration has conducted countless seminars and brought in speakers to address the issue, but nothing seems to get through to the students. Although it is a small school, there is always someone being picked on, made fun of, or put down for nonsense reasons. Throughout my high school experience, I have never gotten in trouble, or experienced the bullying myself, but there are so many of my friends, and even family having issues with the bullying, that they have had to consider switching to another school. Besides the bullying, Benzie Central isn't a bad school when choosing from high schools in the area
Benzie is a great school! I think choices of classes should definitely expand as much as they can get it to do.
This is a pretty good school but some parts of it are clearly better than others, for example the math and science teachers are much better than the other subject teachers.
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