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Benton Community School District Reviews

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Loved the ability to participate in a lot of athletics and music opportunities. Would have liked to have more challenges academically.
At Benton Community there are many opportunities to involve yourself in various activities and clubs. This would include things from show choir and crew to robotics.
Its a rural community that only has so much funding. Unfortunately it lacks what students need these days which is AP classes. Its really great to get to know the professors and students have the chance to be involved in anything they want.
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The teachers really care about how the students are doing and are willing to help out when needed. The district is great to outsiders and makes everyone feel welcome.
I enjoyed the responsibility teachers took to aid student learning, but I did not enjoy standards based grading. Allowing students to retake quizzes is not a sufficient method to prepare them for college.
Benton Community is a great school district to go to. Activities are a big part of Benton. All extra curricular activities are very highly supported by administration, and students are allowed to be involved in whatever they want. It also helps that Benton is big enough to have the appropriate and necessary resources for all of its activities. Benton also has the feeling of a small area school where everyone knows everyone.
Benton encourages learning and allows students to be heavily and widely involved in activities. Administration is weak when enforcing rules, and behavior can get out of hand in class. However, the teachers do a fairly good job at remaining in control. If you want to learn and succeed, it is easy to do so.
My overall experience with the Benton Community school district was amazing. Nothing I can currently think of that I think should change. I started in 6th grade and graduated in 2015
I loved the sense of community at Benton. The staff all really cared about me and my education. There were a wide variety of extracurricular activities that I was able to be in involved in.
Benton Community provided me with plenty of opportunities- extracurricular activities and the ability to take college courses for free. There is a lack of diversity and acceptance of diversity here. There could be more preparation for college, as most people who graduate here struggle with college during their first year.
I like how Benton offered a robotics club going on eight years now. I love how supportive our students are to sports such as basketball and football. It shows the spirit we have! I would like to change the attitude towards school work to change. Your parents are paying for you to earn an education, learn as much as you can while you can.
I loved my time at Benton. I started there in preschool all the way up to graduated. My time there was full of a lot of memories and I would love to go back in 5 or 10 years and see how much it has changed. They take the safety of kids very strict. The teachers and the administration there are great and very friendly.
I have enjoyed my time at Benton Community as a senior this year. I would personally like to see a change with the grading scale. The four-point scale does not help students learn near as well because we can retake any test and not do our homework.
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