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Our girls have had a very positive school experience her in Bellingham. A solid education compared to other places we've lived. A descent athletic environment that has helped both compete at a high level in multiple sports.
Being at Bellingham High School was probably the best out of my time in public education. The teachers were outstanding; eager to help students learn at their pace and if a student fell behind, they [the faculty] did everything they could to help get that student back on track. The pep, the sports culture, the arts and education were all phenomenally supported and being a student there really impacted the way I view public education. I wish more students had access to what I did at BHS.
All their teacher inspired you to continue your education. I just would like to see them be more active in community activities.
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I liked the teachers, they were very helpful . I was able to graduate because of them. I came really late in my freshman year because I moved
The biggest positive of the Bellingham district is that the teachers, for the most part, seem to care about the students. The biggest negative has been having to take eight classes, which means, no matter what, the more academic classes have reduced class content time across the school year, and there are more classes for students to manage which contributes unnecessarily to their stress. The previous schedule was much better, and a seven period schedule would have been more reasonable and balanced. Please consider changing the current schedule to a six- or seven-period schedule.
The Bellingham School District is amazing! They care so much about their students and are in the process of upgrading everything from buildings to computers, something much valued and appreciated in our community.
I don't truly have an opinion about the school. It feels like a normal school. A lot of times people will come from other schools and complement how much more they like it than the school they come from.
The staff members in this school district are overwhelmingly supportive. I have been a student in the Bellingham School District since I was in Kindergarten, and it's always felt like a second home to me. I have grown as a student and an individual through the endless opportunities that my schools have given me. I am lucky to be a student here. Again, the staff members are on another level. It was my seventh grade science teacher who helped me develop a passion for science and my AP Physics 2 teacher in high school who helped me realize that science was my life's calling.
Overall I have really enjoyed my experience at Bellingham High School. I played 3 years of football and 2 years of basketball. This year I joined the chess club and have focused on game programming. I feel have had a well rounded opportunity in the school district. I would like to see the school have an equal interest in career bound as the college bound students.
My daughter attends Columbia Elementary as we just moved to Bellingham I have been very impressed with how attentive they have been making her comfortable and ensuring that she is set up to succeed.
Schools are very kind and engaging. Although, I do not appreciate all of the schedule/ time changes made to school. It was great how it was, there wasn't a need for that change.
I was a part of the Bellingham School District since K-12. I could not imagine being apart of any other community, or school district. No matter what your need, where you come from or language, there is always someone to help family's and children within the school system.
it has wonderful aspects, but ultimately, admin fail to listen to their community, as well as not really being in it for the kids so much as they are in it for the money.
The Bellingham School District has been an overall incredible experience filled with amazing memories and many opportunities. Not only is this district completely inclusive and welcoming, but it provides students with a safe and knowledgeable location to be educated within. This environment is filled with friendly faces and surrounds each school with endless support, as well as a variety of favorable circumstances to enhance one's educational obligations. Although this school district offers various opportunities for students to grow academically, one change I wish would occur is an agreement between extra curriculars as a split time commitment to each activity. Aside from this minor issue, the Bellingham School District has provided me with an excellent learning experience over the years and I wouldn't have hoped to spend my adolescent years anywhere else.
Bellingham School District provides adequate opportunities for success in the form of teacher support and availability, access to education for those with disabilities, and student resources. The teachers are nice and understanding unless "bad apple" behavior is frequent. Teachers tend to care and talk to you if you are having trouble in classes; they will help you, without a doubt.
The Bellingham School District has been involved in many educational events and milestones throughout my life. My overall experience with the Bellingham Scool District has been a pleasant and promising one.
I like that they clearly have the kids in mind when they make big decisions like new turf fields or building Options High School. What I find disappointing is the district's lack of reviewing teachers and maintaining a level of teaching quality that is the same for all teachers. In my own personal experience I have had teachers who are not supportive of their students, make inappropriate remarks, and are no longer capable of controlling their classroom. What's so upsetting is the large number of students who have gone to administration and complained about these teachers and yet still here they are teaching year after year. Please listen to your students! They are the best indicators that something needs to change.
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I went through the Bellingham school system from elementary to high school. there are plenty of opportunities for students from AP classes to college in the high school. if you take advantage of these opportunities then the transition to college will feel like high school was just extended. If you want to become a great athlete however you should do a lot of research on your own to make sure that you are properly building yourself. For example I played basketball baseball and football and found that sport specific exercises where encouraged in the weight room and coaches where wondering why players started to plateau. hint --> lift weights to build strength and let practicing your sport make your gains sport specific.
Altogether my experience was good, but where the Bellingham school district shined was in its diversity and in its teachers.
Love all the teachers and i have to say I'm thankful for our wonderful school's and i have to say I'm thankful for our academics
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