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Beechwood is an excellent school in terms of both community and education. The teachers truly care about their students; if you need help and seek it, it will be given to you. The other staff members are caring and helpful as well, and it's easy to make connections. The students understand that their school is one of the best in the state- most have an extremely strong drive for improvement. Everyone is very supportive of the sports programs, and now there is a rising support for the arts as well. Beechwood is the best of the three schools I have attended.
The environment of the entire school is amazing. It is a super unique group of people. Everyone is friendly but everyone also wants to push each other to get better. The school itself is very new and extremely nice on the inside. We all have our own computers and access to super cool technology, like in our stem lab. The teachers are all for the most part really great and super helpful. They are always willing to do whatever it takes to help you succeed.
What I like about Beechwood is the sense of community. I have grown deep connections with the faculty and students that I hope to keep with me for the rest of my life. However, the school suffers from the viewpoint of constant renovation that is ruining the culture of it.
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Beechwood is an amazing place for people to interact and fun but still have the dedication towards their academics. Beechwood pushes people because they want their students to succeed and not fail. There are a couple things that I would like Beechwood to change. One thing is that they need to bring more classes that involve hands-on projects into the curriculum. I see too many kids not being involved in class because sitting at a desk and taking notes is not for them. I am one of those students. I learn more with my hands then memorizing notes that I cannot even read because you have to write them so quickly or you miss the information. I would love school more if I could engage my mind the way it thinks.
Beechwood has been my school since I moved to Ft. Mitchell in the 4th grade. Without a doubt, it was one of the best decisions I could've ever made. Beechwood has such pride and tradition, and makes school feel like home for the students.
Beechwood used to be a good school for most kids. However, it has declined greatly in academics and discipline.
Beechwood is a very tight-knit community that provides students with the feeling of inclusion. It has great academics, staff, and students. It is widely accepted as a high school that produces very astute and hardworking students. I would change nothing about this school because it has molded me into the person I am today.
Beechwood is a great school. Beechwood has very little bullying, everyone there is like family. Not everyone necessarily gets along, but everyone stands by each other. If you need help with something, you will be able to find someone that will help you. The facility and teachers push you to be a better student and person.
I was a student that went to this school from Kindergarten to twelfth grade. I enjoyed being in the elementary school here, but I had a really rough time in high school. Each year we had a different principle and there were multiple scandals. The students aren't very accepting and can be hard to get along with due to entitlement. This is provided me with a great education but a very poor high school experience.
I started attending Beechwood High School in 7th grade. The High School side of Beechwood begins at 7th grade and goes to 12th grade. I thoroughly enjoyed my high school career at Beechwood with how much teachers were involved with the students, the student life, and the incredible academics offered at the school. I came out of Beechwood prepared for college courses.
Beechwood High School is a small school located in Fort Mitchell Kentucky. It is smaller than most schools around so you know everybody and everything about them. Beechwood is a great academic school and is ranked very high for ACT scores in the state of Kentucky. Even though Beechwood is a small school it does excel in sports tremendously winning state for both football and band multiple years in a row.
I have been attending Beechwood High School for 13 years and every year reminds me how much I enjoy it. The teachers care about every student and you have a personal connection to them because we are a small school. Beechwood more than prepared me for college and I wouldn’t be the motivated person I am without attending a great school that it is.
I love that wherever you go and whatever you do, you know that many people before you have built these traditions. It is so rewarding to know that you will continue them.
Beechwood is an amazing place that never ceases to amaze me. The community is so caring of one another and the bond you make with your peers is unbreakable. It might be a small group, with only about one hundred kids per grade, but as a senior I know almost everyone from freshman to my own senior classmates.
I love Beechwood. I plan to come back here and teach once I've graduated college. I also plan to send my kids here. Beechwood is filled with traditions, and we are a small school so you know everyone. I have so many lifelong friendships with people from kindergarten to teachers. We are a 1 to 1 school this year and it's an incredible learning experience. I also get to spend an hour of my day every day with kindergarteners. They never fail to put a smile on my face, and they've helped me decide that I want to go into elementary education.
Beechwood is an excellent school where everyone can fit in and be part of the traditions. It offers academic excellence and so many opportunities to be part of extracurricular activities. Beechwood has a spirit that will not die!
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