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Moving to beebe helped me stay out of trouble because I was surrounded by a good stable environment. The counselor at my school Ms. Choate, she does her absolute hardest hardest to prepare you for college and for what other plans you have in the near future.
I like that the teachers and staff really care about their students. I think our administration is striving for excellence. The facilities for the most part are nice but I would like to see some improvements with the elementary school and the sports facilities. I would also like to see students able to get into school functions for free.
My experience with Beebe School District has been rather good throughout my school years. I've had family working all through the district so I tend to know more about the behind the scenes part of the district than most do. One of the only real issues in this district is the lack of communication from administration to teachers, teachers to students, administration to students, just all across the board communication.
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My experience at Beebe High School was very average. The best thing about it were the friendships I made. As a senior I was very bored. I had two core classes, both of which required little effort outside of school. Overall I just wanted more of a challenge and felt like I wasn't learning anything. My medical classes however were the best part of my day. I loved getting to learn more about the human anatomy and physiology.
We have the best coding and tech programs in Arkansas and that is the field I want to go into. It is perfect because it is getting me ready for my job that I wanna do in my life after collage. If you are a music person or a tech person Beebe High School is the best thing for you. Our sports are okay we never do to good in the football part but every other sport we are usually pretty good. Our food is very good as well. The lunch ladies make a variety of food everyday. If you want something not so good for you we got it, if you want a healthy lunch we got you too and if you just want a tasty lunch then they also have you covered. The teachers also are the best. They know what they are talking about and if they don't know the exact right answer to your question then they will find the answer either from another teacher or they will search for it to give you the best answer they can
I attended this school and so did both my kids. As the years have progressed things are worse on the inside of building. Talking about some of the people that work there. They have been known to bully kids.
Do your due diligence and search the school's history over the last 5 years. Administration arrested, special needs students harassments, bus drivers neglecting student's safety, teachers making students eat breakfast on the hallway floors, teachers sending kids home during cold weather without coats to 'teach them a lesson'... Granted there are many good teachers there as well as a great campus, but overall terrible administration. Principles always act as if you're wasting their time.
Everyone at Beebe was nice to each other. The mathletes talked to the football players and there was so much involvement. I wish the administration would work on more effective discipline for the students.
I like Beebe schools because it offers a great education in a small town. I like knowing everyone in my class and having great relationships with my teachers. It’s a really good school overall.
Beebe is my home town. I went to school there. The town of Beebe has lot of meaning to it, especially down town Beebe. All the staff members of Beebe High School are very friendly and helpful. At Beebe the staff will do every thing they can to help you succeed. I loved going to school at Beebe.
As a recent graduate of Beebe High school, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the school. The teachers were phenomenal and were always willing to help when need be. Just a great school all around.
I really like Beebe School district, because the administration and teachers are here to help whenever needed, with anything we need, such as college, grades and classes. They help us as students to thrive and become the best we can be. I recommend Beebe School district for anyone considering the district.
I loved my time at beebe high! Small school with good educators. Lots of diverse classes to choose from. Faculty is always willing to go the extra mile for students. I hope some day to raise my children in a small town withan excellent school system
I absolutely love Beebe High School. I have been in the Beebe School District since I was in kindergarten. Beebe High School is home to me. All of the teachers are very nice and so is the student body.
There are many opportunities here, educated and qualified staff, and a diverse student population. At Beebe, you are given the opportunity to really succeed.
I've had both good and bad experiences with the school administration over the years, but it's getting much better. Out with the old, in with the new!
At Beebe High school I was welcomed with friendly faces. Some students harassed me about my sexual preference and the teachers were usually quite helpful but I had a few that were disrespectful. I have one teacher currently that gives you consequences for using the bathroom more than 2 times in 9 weeks during her period. This to me seems unpractical because you can't decide when you have to use the restroom usually. These problems overall are not incredibly huge but I believe Beebe High School does have certain issues that should be recognized.
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I like Beebe High School because I think the staff tries hard to make it a fun and educational environment suited for everyone. The teachers are always willingly to help a student do better. I dislike that it does not offer as many classes or extracurricular activities as some schools, but that is due to being a smaller school. Overall I think Beebe School District is a great school.
Beebe school has excellent after school programs! They do a great job with their plays as well. I wish they could work with the local college to provide more experience for the students.
Overall, my experience in the Beebe school district was very positive. The teachers are great, and the academics are very good. I only wish that there had been more courses offered, but it is a small district. Very great district!
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