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The school has an amazing education and will prepare you for college. The teachers for the most part are really nice and sweet. The issue though is low-level classes tend to be out of control. But the higher level tends to have strong material and independence and are top-notch quality. They also have an amazing amount of resources to help students learn such as iPad, computer lab, green screens. There is a huge issue of cliques because people stay with the same friends they were in 2nd grade.
I cannot live outside of the Bedford school system, I’ve seen how other school are run, and being new to the district I have found bedford schools to have the most caring teachers, students and faculty. I feel prepared for anything I want to do and I have the opportunity to do it at the Bedford school district. The experiences with people and teachers I’ve met at this school have undoubtedly changed the way I think and live
In Bedford Schools teachers usually didn’t care and would give us answers to tests and points to increase our grades for things we never did. It wasn’t ever about being a good person but being in a Higher level than your peers. Teachers mostly focused on AP students and didn’t have time for the college prep kids. I did learn however so me helpful study and academic skills for college.
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The academics were great, but the lack of school spirit amongst the students made it a place that wasn't a good experience for me. I came in new my sophomore year, and It felt very cliquy and hard to get to know people. There is great potential for it to be a fun community with great resources for clubs and activities, but the students' level of spirit was too low for this to happen. It might have been a better experience if I had been there all four years, but for someone new to come in with previous experience in a different school setting, I found Bedford a bit disappointing. This was just my experience though, there were other new kids who loved it.
It had lots opportunies for college like getting scholarship and etc. Also there was good teachers that cared about the students, and wanted there students to successed in the futrue.
Everything is so nice in Bedford. All the teachers are great and offer extra help. Some teachers are strict but they really just want you to do well.
I grew up within the Beford school system, much like my parents and plenty of other relatives before me. It has improved greatly over the years, even just between the time my sister and I went to school (nine years apart), and they continue to strive to do even better. I'm definitely satisfied with the education I was given there, and I'm reminded often of how lucky I was to get that education. Though there were sometimes instances of offensive graffiti, the school always addressed every situation with the utmost seriousness.
Good growing town with fair access to Cambridge/Boston. It has become more diverse in the past 5 years and has a good reputation for school systems. Teachers do a good job communicating with parents and family. The schools are becoming a bit crowded and they need to expand the middle school and high school.
It was really awesome at first. I loved being able to listen to music while I worked on my art project in art class. I also loved not feeling like I'm in a prison. The gate they added looks like a prison cell door. I also loved being able to text my mother in between classes. But, I'm a senior now so I suppose I had my fun.
Bedford Schools has its ups and downs. Sports are not very good but every team is a tight knit family, and clubs aren’t that prominent. Academics are amazing and 9/10 times every student will end up with a very good teacher. Bedford is competitive, but that just motivates me to do well.
Everything is nice and all at Bedford, but for a while I was curious as to why I felt a little isolated from my classmates and peers, until I started asking people around. Communication in school is really bad, so its hard to find out when a certain event is happening unless a club is behind it, and the school page doesn't really update their school calendar so I barely know when I have no school. In addition, there's no community. One of my friends said the only day everyone cares about community is on Community Day, literally.
In Bedford high school I really liked how much the teachers tried to help you throughout all four years however the guidance department needs help on helping students with college. I want to go to a 2 year school however they really tried to make me go to a 4 year school, I believe they wanted me to do this so they look better on paper.
it was decent most of the faculty are terrible but everything else is pretty average. however I was very prepared for college compared to others at my college.
I believe more of an emphasis on foreign language at a young age could prove to beneficial to the school in general
Could be more diverse. Currently does not offer AP classes in English or history. Science classes and extracurriculars are strong. Because there is only one school in town for K-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12, students might be with the same group of people for 13 years.
The Bedford public schools have offered me both the support and tight knit community in which allowed me to succeed. The teachers expressed their willingness to help whether school or social related. They further had he best interest of the student in mind. Overall the school system offered a positive and supportive environment.
Bedford Public Schools are great and guarantee a quality education. The workload is intense at times, but it prepares you well for college and has helpful teachers that are usually willing to help students. Students are generally accepting, other than the usual high school drama.
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BHS is great academically but the administrations enforced too much and too sensitive about everything. However, we are also over prepared for college which isn't a bad thing.
I really cliqued and made a lot of friends and relationships that'll last a life time but the people their seem to be a little cliquey and don't really talk to one another as much.
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