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Beachwood City School District Reviews

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The teachers here are some of the smartest and most successful people I know. Their ability to connect with students is often beyond expectations. Of course, just as any other school, there is a range but I would say for the most part the faculty are always there to put the students first.
Excellent teachers, diverse student body, and a wide variety of classes make this a wonderful high school
To begin, the diversity of the school was very attractive to my parents when we first moved here. And since then, I have discovered so many other good things about our schools. The teachers are absolutely amazing. I feel extremely supported here at every moment. As a small school district, I am truly able to form bonds with my classmates and teachers that would otherwise be challenging. I absolutely love my time here, participating in multiple athletic programs and clubs.
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Beachwood city schools is amazing! My parents were livers here and have lived in Beachwood their entire life. The teachers in Beachwood are encouraging and want the best for the students. You can tell they're trying their best to cater to their underrepresented students and make sure their voice in the classroom is heard. Beachwood is a great district to move to full of a private school education.
I liked the one on one time we got with teachers. The schedule changed and has been struggle to find that time to meet with teachers now.
Beachwood has a wonderful school district! The students are prepared well for life after high school. The community has supported the school district to allow it to offer the best services to its students.
the overall experience at Beachwood Schools was great. I like the variety of classes that is offer. The teacher and student relationship was good (we could talk to the teacher about anything) and willing to help us do well in the class.
I came into Beachwood in October of 2008 as a 3rd grader. I made friends immediately because everyone was so friendly but I eventually grew out of those friends in middle school and went into the weird stages of adolescents like every other child does. Now while I struggled with who I was and where I wanted to be in life, Beachwood was giving me hidden tools that I didn't need realize were being given to me to handle my problems. The lectures I heard in class or off topic (but slightly on topic with my life) life advice that no one asked for but teachers thought they would talk about. I had a wonderful staff and a small group of friends to help me make it through middle school. In high school, I continued to struggle with my identity and friend groups but again, I had an amazing set of life changing teachers that wanted nothing more than the best for me and I made an amazing group of friends that have been there through everything. Beachwood helped shape me into the person I am today.
Very school. Excellent relationship between teachers and students. More organization with clubs. They have many different courses to offer the students.
Love the community and the administration. Excellent school system and very solid teachers. They have the Beachwood Medical Academy and also the advantage to take college credits.
While Beachwood did excellent in its academics and is famous for good grades overall in the district, the school can be improved by hiring more people of color and establishing programs to help the Deaf students in the community.
It was good. Great teachers, and academics. Students work hard, are good people. Everyone is very into education.
Beachwood has given me the opportunity to receive and quality education and pursue my love for things outside of school. The administration is very open to creating new clubs and joining sports teams. The majority of my teachers have been very understanding and supportive and they are willing to go out of their way to help you as long as you are helping yourself.
It was a small school but good, i liked the fact that it was small, i loved most of my teachers as well
It's great school for those who can excel. Unfortunately those with learning disabilities just get pushed thru the system
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