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Bay Village City School District Reviews

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Bay village high school is a fairly old building but the improvements to the building make it a great learning environment. Some aspects of the athletics could use improvements such as the weight room and on field locker rooms.
I have been in the Bay Village City School District since my first day of kindergarten. Growing through the years and schools, my positive experience has grown as well. I have been blessed with incredible teachers, especially in high school. Through countless clubs and opportunities, I have enjoyed being apart of the "One Rocket Nation" as a Bay rocket.
I’m a student at Bay High and I think it’s definitely one of the top public schools in Ohio. Academics are a really high priority here for pretty much everyone, plus most students are involved in sports. It’s really safe and there aren’t many issues with drugs and alcohol. The only potential drawback is probably the diversity because while the curriculum is open-minded and progressive, the vast majority of students are white and upper-middle class. Overall, this is one of the best school systems in Ohio!
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The Bay Village School District is really good about preparing you for the next grade. Each year gets progressively harder so there is no giant leap into a much harder school year that students aren't able to handle.
It is a great school district with teachers and parents that are passionate about the student's education. There is a great sense of community and so many opportunities even though it's not a giant school system.
My entire young life was spent in Bay, and the teachers and faculty were great. Some of the curriculum was limiting though, and didn't give a world view that promoted diverse learning and lifestyles.
The education provided prepares you very well for college. However, the school itself needs maintenance.
Bay Village school district was very pleasing to be apart of. There was always someone there to help you with school work and guide you. the teachers are very helpful and good at what they do.
The management is awful but most of the teachers are good. The schools could use some work but overall better school than some others around.
Great teachers for the most part, but building is old and needs lots of updates. There are plenty of kids who believe they're extremely entitled, but overall a good place to go to high school
We love the Bay Village Schools. We have experienced only the best in teachers and fellow students. This is a true blue ribbon school.
Bay high was a really good school. Very small and easy to get to know the teachers and other students. The sport involvement was pretty average but academics were really good. The expectations are pretty high but for a good reason. The main goal for all bay high students is college but for the students who college doesn't really work for, they offer other options. They work really hard to make sure that they meet the needs of all of their students
Overall, the Bay Village City School District provides all students the opportunity to gain a solid education. The Middle School and High School in particular have some fantastic teachers and the High School gives students every chance to succeed.
There is a high level of expectation academically, but in general, the teachers do not leave you on your own if you are struggling. There are ample opportunities to get involved in things like sports, volunteer groups, and other interest areas. You will always find a place to fit in at Bay.
Overall I have enjoyed my time at Bay High School. Most of the faculty are very supportive and are always willing to help students with any issues that they may have.
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