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I have had a good experience. The school is under construction it makes it hard to get around campus. The dust, extra workers and long routes to class. But I believe it will benefit those that will be their in years to come. Lunches could have a little more variety. But all and all my experience has been great. No really big issues.
At Bartlett high school , most of the teachers are willing to help all their students reach their full potential. However, some of the faculty and administration might be a bit racist towards minorities, but there are only about a handful. The food is terrible.
No place you would rather Be. My children have been educated from k-12 and have had a great experience in BCS.
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I did like the education I recieved while being at Bartlett. Some teachers were good. But overall i feel the school could be safer and that teachers could try more to prepae the teens for college. The diversity was abig issue becuse they were happenings of racial issues often but no one really dealt with them like they should have.
The school is really great. There are many clubs and organizations and there are many classes that adequately prepare you for college.
We love Bartlett schools! Great teachers! Many extra activities and parent support! High academic standards! Teachers push the students to always do their best!
The school provides the opportunity to have honors, standard, and AP classes. Students are engaged and perform well. Bartlett should improve their efforts to increase the school spirit and give their students pride.
Great high school and only going to get better with upcoming remodeling and campus improvements. Great teachers, staff, and administration. Honor's Academy provides a high level of education and community service opportunities for college bound students. Elementary and middle schools consistently rank in the top of the state in academics.
Bartlett is a pretty decent school and offers many different focused electives. In light of this, the teaching is pretty poor to non-existent which is very disappointing. If I could redo High School, I would definitely choose another school. I would have only expected standard classes to be basic but it turned out that AP and honors classes were just as basic. This school does not prepare students to succeed in college and the teachers' lack of teaching almost encourages an air of cheating and dishonesty. However, the school was diverse and pretty safe which is always welcome, especially in light of recent national tragedies.
I liked how we had computers and tv's in the cafeteria but not soap or paper towels in the bathroom for a good 2 weeks. I feel like they do unnecessary stuff and take away the things students like. When the students want to do have something fun or be creative the facility always steps in a shuts it down. Bartlett really has no street cred for a reason because the school is really lame and I will blame Dr. Giedion because we cant really do anything. I will give Bartlett props on the teachers. I believe we have some of the best teachers in Shelby County. We also have a wide variety of classes you can have a shop class, photoshop class, and a stem class. However, they still have a lot of improving in some areas.
Bartlett has kids who are being bullied, but overall, the problem is slowly being fixed and other wise a safe place to learn.
My experience has been good overall. There is a lot of diversity at my school, and lots of different activities to get involved with. I am a member of the wrestling team and like it a lot. The coaches are great. It is an old school, but there are extensive renovations planned for the next year or two.
I enjoyed Bartlett because the academic programs helped me choose the college I wanted to go to and the field of study I wanted to pursue. The STEM teachers there were well-qualified and helped me through a lot of intellectual struggles. I also met some of my best friends there.
I like at Bartlett how no matter who you are you will always find a friend. i would like to see the student activities go up in the near future.
I like the school and the teachers. The school offers many very diverse classes to help prepare the base layer of career life before college level learning. There are many great teachers who all have different teaching methods to fit to different students needs.
Great school, great academic experience with teachers who care about you. However, the school gives the football team more money than they are worth. Other groups need money such as band, choir, theater, etc.
My experience with this school is great. Teachers are mostly nice. Some can be rude on occasion. Bathrooms could be a Little cleaner. Playing football for Bartlett is really good. Coaches are amazing. Band is amazing. Tons of clubs and things to do after school. Good campus to get around. Could use an updated locker room for football players. Also bathroom in football locker room is awful. Better field, needs turf. Parking lot is really small.
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Bartlett is a coeducational and very diverse school. My time here has been wonderful although some students here don't really care about their education. Just like any other school, there's always those people who don't care at all and just come here for the government's force. The majority of the school are very driven students who don't get into trouble all the time, stay engaged in their classes, come to school with a purpose, and don't do anything provocative. Bartlett High School protects their own and is always willing to expand to college readiness courses.
My overall experience at Bartlett High School would be awesome! All the teachers are kind and will help you with whatever you need. All the administrators are nice and will help you also. Bartlett is also very diverse which is cool to see all the different ethnics in the school. I loved Bartlett High School and I think all the alumni love it too.
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