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I really enjoy Barrow County Schools because of our school diversity. You can make many friends and learn different things from each other’s this makes us respect each other more because we are able to see everything from a different perspective.
The school was good, it had great teachers, made sure every child was accounted for, but some areas were lacking such as good food
Once you get to high school everything changes. The preparation that middle school provides you is barely anything and when you get to high school they ask why you're so immature or "childish". Kids are killing themselves at my highschool because of bullying and teachers and the stressors are just too much to handle. I've lost friends that way. But the lunch is 'nutritious' so its okay.
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Trust me it will ruin your life. It is 100% awful it is no good they seel drugs at apalachee. It is awful, not a good example for you or your child.
I had great teachers while in the school but what was even better was doing dual enrollment at a near by college for 2 years. The staff at my high school coordinated everything and it all went smooth.
This is a great school where family and students come first. We moved here from Gwinnett county and there is such a vast difference between the schools and the county. Don't look at the school grades and choose Gwinnett, look at who takes care of their students.
I have been at Winder Barrow for three years now, and the teachers and coaches care about each individual student, and want them to soar to their highest potential. I beleive that our school is exceeding the standards that are set on public schools.
I think overall I had a great experience in the barrow county school system. They care about their students and reach out to help them. One thing I would change would be the tardy policy. Some students can’t help it and some just have rough mornings. They aren’t sympathetic to the students who are late and after 5/6 tardies they get ISS. Some straight A students who have never gotten in trouble and have ISS for tardies I think it’s ridiculous. You can be not even a minute late and they would send you to a tardy station which wastes more class time. There are a few other little changes I think they could undergo but other than that barrow county has good schools.
what I would like barrow county to do is to increase the amount of books such as government books, must of the books are torn and very hard to even turn the page. But other than the the teaching and community is amazing! Wouldn't want to go to another school and I feel safe when I go there .
All of my years of attending school in barrow county it has been one of the best. The schools in barrow county has one of the best teachers that what I admire most about it. They really work hard to educate your children so that they will succeed!
It's not a bad school system. Granted, it is not very big, so funding is not there to help with anything but the teachers are really nice and will try anything to help you get or do whatever you need. I had a great time there and hope others will as well.
Amazing school system. Great they are adding more skills to the district. Very happy to have been able to attend a fine school district. I just wish that they would prepared me better for college.
As far as the teachers go, they are well educated and in their proper positions, whether that be AP or not. Even now we are rewarded for making good grades in tee school system, and that this something that is very rare nowadays. Although I do feel like the teachers should come to reality when it comes to giving us homework. I once had a teacher say "you should spend a maximum of 2 solid hours on homework" but when ask how much time we should spend on theirs, he said "1 hour". It was not likely that with four classes he should get that much time or that little times overall. They don't take into consideration the other classes. Other then that. The school is a prettt well and maintained school building.
As a first time parent and educator, I was concerned moving to Barrow County. We attempted trying to attend the local and biggest child care facility that is available and had a horrible experience to the point of me staying home until LO started Kindergarten at Kennedy. She soared with the assistance of amazing teachers and a principle that goes above and beyond to make not only the parents comfortable but the student. I would, of course, do your research on deciding school districts and consider charter schools as well, but do not overlook what the awesome teachers at Kennedy are building-a ready, respectful, and responsible community.
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