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Barron Area School District Reviews

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I have been in this school for many years. it has high academic performance for all its students and safe environment for students with disabilities and others too. I’m proud to be in that school.
The Barron Area School District is such a diverse community! In the schools we have a huge diversity of white, Spanish, and Somali students, and everyone is super involved with the Special Ed department. We try to make sure that everyone has a fair chance at involvement with everything. The school does a very good job at making sure the environment is friendly, safe, and fair.
Barron High School is a pretty good school. The food is really good, and the cooks are lovely. The staff and teachers are really helpful in everything they do. The teachers are good to the students, and in return the students respect the teachers and those around them. They help me become a better person. And not just me, but every single person in the school. For that I am thankful. The classes are barable, and so is the amount of work.
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I transferred to the Barron Area School District after my 4th grade year. Ever since then I have loved going to Barron. The BASD gave me so many more opportunities with my education and extracurriculars that my previous district did not. From the students to the teachers to the superintendent, everyone that is a part of the BASD makes you feel welcome. I truly am proud to call myself a Golden Bear!
good school with great classes but could have a better atmosphere and could also incorporate school spirit a little more. All of th teachers are great and I feel like i've learned a lot at Barron high
Barron Schools is a great place for students to learn and have fun. The small school makes it easy to meet friends and get to know your teachers well. There is a club for everyone!
This school district cares about it's students and their success. They prepare you for your future and support you even after you graduate.
I love the Barron Area School District. They make you feel like they really care about your education. They want us to make goals for ourselves and congratulate us when we achieve them. The community is very supportive of all students. There is so much pride in our school and in our community. I've seen teachers go out of their way to provide students will different opportunities based on their interests and learning abilities. We're constantly being encouraged to make a positive impact on the world. The schools are a positive place and the staff is always positive which encourages the students to be positive.
The Barron High School was and still is a great Experience. I learned many different cultures and tastes American foods. The school is very diverse and there are a lot of great teachers. I learned the language Spanish in my junior year and also my Senior year. Over the course I have been attending Barron School districts since I was 8 years old. I have struggled with English sometimes but Most of the time I have succeed.
This school district has amazing teachers! From elementary school all the way up through my senior year, I've always felt that I have a great group of teachers that are encouraging me to succeed and helping me reach my dreams.
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