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Barrington Community Unit School District No. 220 Reviews

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This is such a great place with many great opportunities. I’ve been at this school all for years and I’ve enjoyed it. They’ve been improving a lot of things as well, making it a lot better place.
It is a very welcoming and diverse community. Everyone has a place here and it exudes a typical, fun-loving High School experience.
It has a wide variety of fine and applied arts courses, excellent teachers, and it offers several different ap courses. It's overall a very good learning environment Though it's food is a bit lacking.
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District 220 is a good district. I am a student at Barrington High School, and I can confidently say that this district is a wonderful district to be in. At BHS, there are many opportunities for students! Many courses (from regular to AP) to choose from and activities to join in school. The teachers will help you as long as you reach out to them. Also, the school library at BHS is incredible. It's a great environment to study and do homework. This year, BHS has really emphasized safety and I can truly say I do feel more safe than I have over the years at BHS. District 220 is doing a wonderful job at building up their schools.
I love district 220 and all the district 220 schools I attended. The schools are very technology forward and provide students with great environments to learn and properly prepare them for their next stages in life.
I have like the classes and teachers and how everyone was accepting of everyone here no matter who they were and what they did in life. Something I would like to see change is when someone uses the online report a bully choice that someone actually look at them and talk to someone about it when I have been in this school for 4 years now little has been done to help me and others with bullying and I have seen teachers take the bullies side when that has happened I have never felt more so alone than then so I wold like to see an improvement.
Barrington High School has a very strong, rigorous academic program which is very helpful in preparation for college courses. Though the classes can be difficult, there are many resources and helpful, friendly staff members willing to offer assistance to those who need it.
I love the education and courses provided in this school. The counselors and opportunities here really help motivate yourself to continuing to study off to college or to really pursue the career you want and are passionate about. Teachers are very understanding the older you get when it comes to work and outside sports/clubs and they tell you in advance if the class is hard and that it takes dedication. You can really make an impact but what I'd like to see change are the students way of involving people. People who don't live in the Barrington area don't get much of a chance of being known due to everyone knowing each other there so that's who's most credible for things.
I think its a good school overall, i never experienced any kind of trouble here and the academics overall are excellent, i feel like i am prepared for college after graduating this school.
Academics are outstanding making the school one of the top in the state. I enjoyed my teachers so far, very supportive and always stay connected to make sure students are on track. I was struggling a bit in my AP Physics class during the first part of the year but my teacher took the time to meet with me and my parent. She suggested a study plan to bring my grade up, and it had great results! I finished my Junior year with a B which was awesome!
I also like the sports offered and the school spirit attached to that. I played soccer for two years but had to stop during my Junior year due to heavy and more demanding course load.
I would strongly reccomend Barrington High School to any student willing to challenge themselves and make learning a priority. Go Broncos!!
I felt that the school wasn't diverse enough to portray life outside. Much of the academics and people are very white-washed. Meaning, the only perspective you get in your education is European. Often times, the curriculum and students reject people of color with or without intending to. I personally feel that Barrington High School has only adequately prepared students who will live in a predominately white rich community in and after college.
Positively one of the best, well -rounded, knowledgeable teaching staff in the state of Illinois. Students graduation are ready for any college- including the ivy leagues.
Barrington is a great district and great for children of all years and ages. I highly recommend sending children for the education and community.
Great school, great teachers, and a great sense of community! This school is full of opportunities to get involved and learn outside of the classroom. Very good environment which pushes students to be the best they can be.
Barrington was an average school district, it taught me what I needed to know and now I'm moving on to bigger things. Everything seemed fine to me, I don't have too much to really complain about.
I enjoyed that there was a sense of diversity and a wide range of activities to do while I was at school. I joined a club that promoted my culture in a predominantly white institution. Although this was a great school, and I had all the academic resources necessary to prepare me for college, Barrington High School could improve a lot on educating students on social justice issues that create boundaries and biases between students through gender, race, and sexuality.
My experience at Barrington has gone fairly well. Coming from a small private middle school to Barrington High School freshman year, I was a lot less overwhelmed than I thought I would be. Although it is a huge school, you have classes with a relatively similar group of people and you can still feel a sense of community. You will be able to find people you can relate to here, even if it's only a small group. However, as someone who does not participate in any sports, sometimes it can feel socially isolating because the athletic culture is huge. As a racial minority myself, one thing that could be improved here is diversity.
The teachers here are amazing and I have never had any unpleasant experiences. There are so many opportunities for academic pursuits here because of the number of AP classes offered. At times, the number of AP classes they push seems overwhelming, but it really does prepare you well for college. I feel that the AP and Honors courses are very rigorous.
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This is a high performance high school. Academic and athletic standards are high!! This motivates me to always be my very best!!
Barrington High School has a diverse student body and an excellent staff. They are always looking to improve the school's environment to be more accommodating for the students. One thing I would like to see change is the freedom of students around the campus. They make it very difficult to walk the halls, sit in the commons, or even go to the bathroom without being interrogated by a teacher.
Barrington is a wonderful town, filled with incredible opportunities that come from the passion of those who live here and want to make their children's educational experience truly special. I am so grateful to have such wonderful teachers and opportunities. My only criticism of Barrington would be that we do not get the chance to pause and reflect about how lucky we are. Barrington has state of the art facilities, a rigorous academic program that can be suited to personal taste, a massive range of activities to participate in, and wonderful, dedicated staff. Barrington also enables those meeting minimal Highschool requirements to attend Harper College in Illinois for free, and has major connections to internships. Go, Broncos!
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