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The teachers are very helpful and are very willing to sit down with a student to make sure they are learning to the best of their abilities.
Bad Axe has been a great fit for my high school experience. There are great clubs, AP classes, sports, and extra curricular activities.
As I see it unless your a well know person of this community , your vote dont count. When you try to yourself heard it does not matter and you will not be taken seriously. College Readiness is also falling well below what other schools are doing. bullying is out of control and nothing is done. Kids are affraid to come forward because they know how much worse it will get if they do. Staff looks the other way and doesnt report. This year making kids be in a club or a sport is a joke .its to make money. Ready to be done with this school.
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Bad Axe is a very good school district, but some of the staff that they have hired throughout the school district takes away from how effective the district could be. In my own personal opinion, there are a number of high school teachers who fail to readily prepare students for college.
Bad Axe's school district also fails to tend to the bullying that goes on throughout the system. Children bully other children, as well as teachers picking on other students, and staff doesn't seem to bat an eye even after being notified.
I am currently a senior at Bad Axe High School and I have been attending since I was a freshman. One thing that really stands out about this school is the closely knit students and staff. Most students get along, and such a small school means that no one is a stranger!
Bad Axe Public Schools is a local-rural district in the thumb of Michigan. The school offers AP level courses that any student who is interested in signing up can. The teachers there love their job and you can tell. I have never felt unsafe and this is coming from an individual who is gay. Being gay in a rural area is hard, but not hard in the safe environment of Bad Axe Public Schools.
My schools has been with me through the thick and the thin meaning that it has seen in my best days and has seen me on mh worst days. They have put me in an environment that I wan to be in as want to learn in. Going to schools has become an out let to meet new people and learn new things with out feeling like a complete failure at what i did. Although I wish the teachers would be more avalible for student help in homework as that there was not so much homework to worry about every day. I understand having homework helps you learn but having to much homework can hurt your learning than help your learning. Plus a wider variety of foods for for schools lunchs.
While they have a very decent curriculum, they do not deal with adversities in the schools and there is little to no support for LGBTQ+ kids.
Bad Axe Public Schools sets off a positive energy as soon as you enter the doors. With the amazing teaching staff in all subjects, you really get the help you need and a great learning experience. Something about the sports events gets everyone in the blue and gold spirit. From homecoming, snow carnival and any other home sport games, everyone comes together as one to celebrate for a big win! Although school lunches aren't the greatest to some, they always meet the nutritious values that need to be met. If you were to move to Bad Axe, Bad Axe Public schools is a great place to consider. The diversity allows anyone from any race to attend and feel welcomed. From my experience going here from kindergarten to my senior year (this year!) I've had the best of times learning all I need to know while enjoying the expiriences of meeting friends and creating long lasting memories.
Bullying is a major problem that doesn't get resolved. The new principal takes things as a joke. The teachers favor students and neglect kids who actually want to try. More goofing around than learning. Hardly learned anything moving here. Complete waste.
Bad Axe has been the place I have called school since I was in 5th grade, and I have fallen in love with what the school has offered me. The teachers are beyond resourceful with extra knowledge and always looking to help you whether it be in or out of class. The sports have been on a rise over the past few years, which only grows the student section at home games. And who doesn't love fans? Bad Axe has given me more than an education, it has surrounded me with excellent staff members to prepare me for what life has in store for me.
Bad Axe is by far one of the best schools in our county. I would really like to see some improvement with technology and the types of classes offered in electives. I also love how our clubs and sports are expanding everyday.
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