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The teachers and principals are great. Although, the school bathrooms are terrible, and smell disgusting.
For the most part, the academics and opportunities that are offered at Avon Grove are great. However, I feel as though there is a culture among the students at the school where people may feel as though they are not accepted or included.
The academics are very good for the most part. The food could be better and the school itself has become too small to fit the growing student classes. Hallways and the cafeteria are always filled with too much students.
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I moved during my junior year and thought it was going to be a very challenging transition point in my life. I was surprised by how easy and welcoming Avon Grove teachers and staff made my transition. I am now graduating and happy to say I am happy we moved districts.
The teachers are amazing, and extremely supportive of the student’s academics. The school is very rundown, however, and doesn’t place enough emphasis on the arts.
I have two students at elementary level and cannot say enough positives about the teachers and staff.
I like the staff who were very caring and supportive of all students. I’d like to see improvement in the management of activities and sports. Reminding coaches that they are the adults and help guide student a to be better leaders.
Teachers and other staff are fantastic at what they do and with the new High school building on the way issues with the school are to be improved
It was a pretty good experience socially but academically it didn't have the greatest enthusiasm. I never had a great interest in being scholarly while in high school but in college I'm much more interested in my classes and school driven.
I liked that Avon Grove has many teachers that care about what they teach. Something I would change would be that I would make the use of technology for learning optional. Overall I have had a great experience there.
My experience at Avon grove is very positive. Overall, the teachers and education system is strong and resourceful. I would like to see an increase in school security, like for example all students should wear their student I.D around their neck during school hours.
The schools over crowded, lots of things are old in the school and need to be updated. The Gym needs to re renovated. The stadium is the nicest part of the school.
IE was a waste of time and the teachers did not prepare me for college. 3 teachers made me cry and did not care, They aren’t loving and don’t deserve their jobs.
Avon Grove is an average school. The diversity and the teachers are very well. Although the connection with teachers and students is not the best. I love playing sports for the school, even though we are not the best I enjoy it anyways! The safety at the school has definitely improved this year 2018-2019 school year. Before you could just walk right in but now it’s a little more secure!
Avon Grove has done well preparing me for a lifetime of development and enrichment. Throughout my years, I have always been able to rely on the guidance of teachers, who are greatly committed to their students and fields, unbounded by strict curricula or expectations from higher-ups. Most, if not all, of the teachers from the elementary to high school grades are memorable and in my history have left an imprint of wisdom on students.
Teachers make all the different. Though some are not very good, I have had some of my best teachers here as well. The school is a safe, welcoming place, and admin cares about students.
It's an ok school. Good academics. Good sports program. The administration just doesn't really care for the students.
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It's encouraging to know that teachers are always after school to help students with questions. The bathrooms are atrocious and always out of order.
Although some of the staff members were reliable and informative, more often than not I found it difficult to get the help I needed.
Overall the district is good. But, dig deeper and you will start to find the bad things about the district. The education here is fairly good, but the state of the buildings leaves much to be desired.
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