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Averill Park Central School District Reviews

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I believe we have many teachers at the district who go above and beyond. There is numerous opportunities to get involved in various sports, clubs and other activities.
Overall the teachers were very supportive and involved in the students. Everyone really takes an interest in the students and what they want and need. I had a good experience, I had a lot of amazing teachers who were really involved in the school community. I really loved how a lot of teachers supported you not only in school but outside of school, pushing you to be the best person you can be. I also had some amazing coaches who supported me academically and on the court.
To every school, there are pros and cons. For Averill Park High School the pros outweigh the cons. Sure, we have an occasional fight, and the building's heating system is a little bipolar, but the teachers are outstanding. We just hired a new principal and compared to our old one, he is amazing. The teachers are passionate about their subjects and genuinely care about their students. They show up every morning engaged and ready to teach. Yes, there are some that are a little grumpy and take their frustration out on their students, but that's almost impossible to avoid. Overall, Averill Park is a great school, and I'm proud to be a part of it.
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Great sense of community among the students. Students and faculty have great relationships. Students are friendly and get to express themselves in many different clubs, activities and sports. Strong music and art departments. School is a little on the smaller side and there are many budgeting cuts made affecting the school, the teachers and the students.
I have always felt welcome at Averill Park. Teachers are very nice, helpful, and understanding. Sports teams are exceptional!
Averill Park offered so many academic opportunities it was a phenomenal high school to attend. Along with that they provided an amazing athletic experience and helped me pursue the sport that I love even in college.
My experience at Averill Park Central School district was excellent. I was always challenged academically, and was well prepared for college when I reached graduation. The arts programs are especially incredible, and should be allowed to grow and expand more moving forward.
Small, friendly community. Limited honors and AP courses, though many inspiring and hardworking teachers.
Averill Park is a typical small town school district. It does a very good job of punishing bullying and taking care of their minority students. Has a good variety of clubs and sports, has an amazing art program.
The teachers invest much of their time ensuring availability to students that seek assistance. The district as a whole promote good citizenship within their community, leading by examples. They provide diverse activities and teachers as well as parents work together to challenge students.
I would like to see more fun, student oriented activities with each class. Dances and senior events are really all we have and I think that if there were more activities the school community would be more connected.
Averill Park has a very welcoming community with caring teachers and staff. The student collaborate well together and teachers promote a high learning experience. However, the school lacks resources to have more programs to benefit specific learning goals.
I really like Averill Park. The teachers are there to teach you but they are also friends. I have really good relationship with my teachers as well. The staff is super nice and I am never afraid to ask a question.
APCSD does an excellent job a providing a positive educational experience with modern facilities, equipment, and materials.
Averill Park central school district's claim to fame is the high quality of the teachers. As a recent graduate, I can proudly say I was inspired by multiple of my teachers that I've had through the years. That being said, the administration does not always work swimmingly with its teachers to ensure maximum student satisfaction. I'm especially thinking of my experiences in the music department at Averill Park, where multiple cuts and unnecessary freshman electives really put a dent in the program.
I believe that Averill Park is one of the best educational districts around. This school district has some of the best teachers that really care about their jobs and the education of their students. Like in most school districts, there are some who do not necessarily fit into this category. The district as a whole cannot be judged on that. Although there are some teachers who would rather be on a beach somewhere than have to deal with moody teenagers, that does not represent the majority of the teachers in this school district. I have had the opportunity to grow up in Averill Park an be able to meet a good majority of the staff. The amount of knowledge shared between the students and teachers is incredible. Not only do he members of the faculty do everything possible to further your education, they genuinely care are their students.
Most of the teachers are quality educators who are excited about what they are teaching and a re willing to go out of their way to help you. Recently, the administration has been quite tough and there is an necessary cut back on things we are allowed to do for fun or organize as a school event. You get out what you put in; the honors, accelerated and AP classes are intensive and you are surrounded by like minded peers. However some of the regular/regents classes are a bit chaotic and the teachers will not demand high performance out of these kids. There is a strong sense of school spirit especially at sporting events or during theme week, however again we have experienced cut backs in celebrating at pep rally and at games. We have many clubs that can suit everyone's wants and needs. Our coaches aren't always the best for our teams but they try to make sports fun.
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