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Aurora West Unified School District No. 129 Reviews

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West Aurora High school taught me to be myself and helped me to find who I am as a person and as a performer. My interest is theatre and West Aurora had so many clubs and activities and classes that I could take in order to do what I loved to do,
The school is average. I had a good time there but overall it lacked funding. The halls were always overcrowded and it lacked air conditiong and good computers. There was an enitre week during my sophomore year where we had to leave early due to not having air conditioning during a heat wave. The computers that we had were laptops and it would take an average of 5-10 minutes to log on.
I really enjoyed the diversity of West Aurora High School. Everyone was welcomes by faculty and it was like one big family walking through the hallways. The teachers were always willing to help even if it wasn't related to school and they definitely showed a passion for teaching their students.
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I like how the Fine Arts program was big and well supported. Many people went to the events such as concerts or galleries.
West Aurora truly shines in its diversity. I think growing up, especially in middle school, with so much diversity is a great experience. It helps understand other backgrounds at a younger age. The only thing I dislike about West Aurora is that the academics are lacking.
I feel like the school is quite redundant. They always hype up the same things, and nobody gets any more interested. The students themselves aren't anything special. All the AP kids are really pretentious and the 'normal' kids are not focused on to build their academic skills. The teacher I have had are really nice and will pay attention if you are willing to work. Most the math teachers seem the most uncaring out of them all. Guidance counselors and administration does not listen carefully to student complaints and needs. Overall though, its just like any other school. I'm pretty sure socially the school is identical to other schools in surrounding districts.
Better representation of the Arts Department since it is the best in the state and so highly used by the large student body.
I love how diverse it is and how connected the student body is. The administration mostly cares about it's students but could work to improve activities and clubs and increasing student involvement.
Teachers were great, students had a lot of drama, too much bad influence, faculty showed they cared. My time at West was great. Friends come and go but the diversity was very welcoming and necessary. Surrounded by smart people, stayed smart, surrounded by bad people, became bad.
West Aurora provided an opportunity to fit in. From all the different clubs and sports offered, there was always somewhere where you would fit in. As a transfer student, West Aurora provided me with many different ways to get involved and make my new beginning a great one. My high school experience was great because of the diversity in not just the activities provided but also the people and the atmosphere.
Leaving this district left me with a bitter sweet attitude. Although the district was not as put together as our surrounding districts, it was not a horrible schooling experience. Definitely have to have an open mind about going here.
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