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I hated my time at Aurora for a multitude of reasons. The only good thing about Aurora is some of the staff. I was bullied from freshmen to junior year and the school did nothing about it besides give talks to the people harassing me. My mental health declined rapidly due to this and I struggled getting out of bed to face another day at my school. If I had any issues in a class, they did nothing about it and said to study more or to get a tutor when the problem was the teacher the whole time. I enjoyed the sports and extracurricular activities there. They were the only things that kept me motivated to go to school and to keep up my grades. Besides that, the atmosphere with the students was toxic, racist, and extremely privileged. As a white women, I didn't experience racism first hand, but the comments made in the hallways and the racial slurs said in class made me feel awful. I'm pretty sure the school was notified too and they did hardly anything about it. I hated my time there.
Aurora City School District is very involved in the students academics. The teachers help you when you need it and they will stay after school if you need them too.
The school is very welcoming. I transferred from an overseas international school and the transition was better than expected.
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I did not like the high school the teachers there only cared about the money I think the school needs to work on making it a better place!!
The teachers are great and are always available and make time to help you! Everyone there is there to help you be successful.
My daughter was unhappy and not challenged in the aurora schools. We moved to a nearby community and she was happier and the academics were by far more challenging and prepared her better for college. A year after we had moved we received a letter from the state saying she was gifted in math. I feel that aurora focuses a lot of attention on teaching tests and what looks good for the schools not necessarily what is best for he students.
To be honest, the school district is great and the teachers are amazing but I felt like no one cared about you while you were there. There was a "no bullying policy" that was not taken seriously. One thing I disliked about the school and the people in the school is that everyone thought they were, in a way, better than everyone else in the school. You got bullied if you were different and, I as an Asian, got bullied for being who I naturally was, and Asian girl.
Overall, I liked the school district and hope that my kids one day go through the same school system. At the schools, the teachers are very friendly and want the students to succeed.
Aurora High School was welcoming since my first day of going there! Having moved there my freshmen year of high school, I expected it to be difficult. I quickly realized there were many people to help me. I felt included and as if I had people there for me. Touring other schools just did not feel the same to me as Aurora did. Although there is not much diversity, everyone is really friendly. Overall I feel I had a great experience and I have many resources to build off from my time at Aurora.
Aurora High School has given me many opportunities to succeed. I have had the opportunity to be a cheerleader, diver, participate in Student Council and be a freshman mentor. The teachers are supportive, knowledgeable, and helpful.
It really focused on academics and pushing students to be the best they could be. I had the best teachers guide me through high level courses to make sure I was well prepared for the college experience. However, I would like to see more focus and funding being given to the Arts programs rather than all the sports teams being given everything.
The school has a amazing learning program but it is a smaller school where you see everyone throughout the day. It has its ups and downs depending on how the day goes.
i am currently a student at aurora high school. many of the teachers are really good, few are not. a lot of classes are offered as well as extracurricular such as clubs and sports. there are some fun school events as well such as dances and football games.
Aurora is a great district. The teachers care about the students. The schools are all kept in great condition. There is just enough emphasis on extra curricular activities.
Aurora is a small Caucasian dominated town with a population of about 15,000 people. Aurora is also home to one of the top High Schools in the nation, with some of the best athletics, education, and staff. Aurora holds it's students standards a bit higher than that of surrounding schools. Students are pressed by administration to challenge themselves to at least one AP and one Honors class a year. Teachers are encouraged to push students to the limits in all courses to ensure that they have the best futures possible. Home to such a wealty city, the High School is well pampered. It is spotless, with some of the newest technology that schools have to offer. With about 600 students in the high school, everyone knows everyone's situations and are very helping for the most part. Overall, Aurora is a great City with a great High School. I would recommend to all cultures and religions though the diversity needs some work.
Great place to live and educated your kids! It's tough to find a quaint community that provides a quality education!
Three children, two with learning differences. Harmon's staff went above and beyond to help transition our child and support him. He is currently in HS on the Merit Roll. The teachers all three children encounter at Aurora care deeply about the students. I believe it is the government pushing the testing, not the school and certainly not the teachers.
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Ratings are skewed because they rely on tests. This district performs poorly when it comes to children with disabilities. Most end up having to pull and send to private schools to get the help they need.
Over rated as a school. In addition; the staff is all about their reputation for test scores and doesn't focus on the student at all.
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