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Washburn Rural has been my home for several years now. I have grown up in a family who was rooted in the school district and we have always been very involved. I am now a senior and I have been able to leave my own mark on the school district and our community. The major thing I have learned while attending Washburn Rural is that being involved is what makes every experience worthwhile. Through this experience, I have found myself as a person and was able to affect my community as a whole. Washburn has given me several opportunities that I could not be more thankful for. I will forever be proud to say that I am a Jr. Blue!
The teachers and education has been overall a pretty complimentary experience. Most teachers care about what they're doing and the success of their students. The school has lots of resources like computers, counseling services and clubs. I've had a really positive band experience and I also enjoy theater. All of the sports except for cross country and track are really competitive to get into, so if you're really into sports I would not recommend this school.
Great teachers and administrative staff. After graduation I have continued to stay in contact with teachers that I had in elementary school along with middle school. There is a great support system and a lot of opportunities offered for support.
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Really hard to get anything done with a stubborn administrative staff, but excellent teachers and students.
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