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Auburn Washburn Unified School District Reviews

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The Auburn Washburn school district has a great education system. Their academics are beyond expectations, they have multiple academic programs tailored to every student. Whether it be honors classes, or extra help for those that need it, Auburn Washburn has it!
This school has been supportive through all 4 years that I have been here. Teachers are very friendly and willing to work with you on anything they can help you with.
i like the fact that all the teachers are good i just recently moved and this school is way better than the one i was finna go to
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This school district is great. The faculty work hard, so each student is involved. Washburn Rural High School has over 20 clubs to join. It is an inviting environment. They enforce safety and regulation in each and every school in the school district.
I have had to pleasure of learning from some of the best teachers in the state at Auburn Washburn. Their approach to teaching with many different techniques allows students to figure out their own learning style, helping students succeed later on in life. The only thing I would like to see change is to have more support available particularly for students who suffer from mental illnesses, as these schools stimulate immense amounts of stress for their students as they urge them towards success.
Washburn Rural high school is a school that helps students excell academically through their high expectations of the students. Staff and faculty are genuinely invested in the benefit of the students. My favorite part about Washburn Rural is the opportunities for leadership and individuality their music program (specifically Band) offers, which promotes success for students in their post-secondary education/career
My experience at Washburn Rural was one that I could not be more grateful for. I experienced so many new things and met so many wonderful people. I feel like I have been prepared for "the real world". I will never forget my high school days or anything that I learned there.
I liked how much opportunity there was within this district like the arts programs, sports, clubs, and other after-school activities, but I did not like how it seemed political in terms of money and families who donate or contribute more then recieving more benefits for their students.
I like the different opportunities that are provided to the students. Also, I like the classes that are available to us. When I graduate, I want to go to college and major in criminal justice. I took the criminal justice class at Washburn Rural High School my sophomore year and I really liked it. The dresses that the girls in the orchestra wear should change.
They are
I have been attending this school district for my entire life. I know that because of the experiences that I have had to prepare me through this school district, I will be ready to take on the real world. With world- class academics and a club or sport to match everyone, Auburn Washburn strives to provide a voice and the best and personalized experience to all students as we try to embrace exceptional education. There is no major changes that need be made to this already wonderful school district.
Washburn Rural has been my home for several years now. I have grown up in a family who was rooted in the school district and we have always been very involved. I am now a senior and I have been able to leave my own mark on the school district and our community. The major thing I have learned while attending Washburn Rural is that being involved is what makes every experience worthwhile. Through this experience, I have found myself as a person and was able to affect my community as a whole. Washburn has given me several opportunities that I could not be more thankful for. I will forever be proud to say that I am a Jr. Blue!
The teachers and education has been overall a pretty complimentary experience. Most teachers care about what they're doing and the success of their students. The school has lots of resources like computers, counseling services and clubs. I've had a really positive band experience and I also enjoy theater. All of the sports except for cross country and track are really competitive to get into, so if you're really into sports I would not recommend this school.
Great teachers and administrative staff. After graduation I have continued to stay in contact with teachers that I had in elementary school along with middle school. There is a great support system and a lot of opportunities offered for support.
Really hard to get anything done with a stubborn administrative staff, but excellent teachers and students.
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