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APS is a great district to attend school. It comes with lots of great resources. I would definitely recommend it.
Atlanta Public Schools has given me the opportunity to get the best and most affordable k-12 experience while also providing me with many unique opportunities to increase my technical and leadership experience. Overall APS has given me the best educational experience and prepared me for post secondary education with the skills and knowledge i learn through those unique opportunities.
Ever since I have been at Booker T Washington High School I realized the support here is great and no student is left without. The safety is guaranteed because police officers are around the building on each floor to make sure all students are conducting in a proper manner. Th teachers help students and make sure everyone has a great understanding of what is being taught in the class.
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They are amazing!! Atlanta Public Schools is constantly pushing its students to do better each and every day. I can't thank them enough for all the things that they have done in my life!
I love Maynard H Jackson High School. Being able to participate extracurricular activities has help me a lot but I still suffer with communicating with strangers. I also had the opportunity to participate in dual enrollment, which is very fun.
My school go out their way to help us as students. We have free after school programs and dinner and snacks. We also have tutoring and mentors I like my teachers cskywla
My experience has been rewarding at times with APS. I became enrolled at Atlanta Public School System in the first grade. Since an early age, I was responsible for accomplishing my school assignments not to mention my homework without my mother having to remind me. I stayed hold to making my academic my priority. While in the first grade, my teacher Ms. Jones noticed that I could pronounce and conduct oral conversations very well. I was selected along with a few other students to give the morning announcement over the PA system. Giving inspirations to the entire student body felt special. Most of teachers had a bright and happy spirit to jump start each student. There were teachers who had the passion to see children learn and smile. They would come up with another option of some sort to help everyone engage in our schoolwork.There were only a few teachers who would allow kids to stay late after class for additional assistance. I enjoyed school and working hard to get good grades.
APS offers Honors, AP classes and IB Program. It's the only high school in Atlanta with IB. NAHS has a very diverse student body and I'm happy that my kids are in such an environment versus being in privileged environment.
I love the connection different schools have with each other. I feel as if APS looks after their students to provide them a truly healthy environment. However, I would like to see students' voices matter more.
I have always enjoyed my experience in Atlanta Public Schools, as I have excellent opportunities and exposure to a diverse community.
Most of my life I was in Fulton county public schools and absolutely hated it , I experienced bullying , rude teachers , nasty school conditions and much more . I switch over to Atlanta public schools my 10th grade year in high school and I loved it from the start ! The student and community connection , the teachers , the school , the people , the environment and upgraded classes
I’ve became who I am today. I would’ve never been as hardworking as I am of the teachers and staff didn’t push me. I don’t think you can ever top the real life experience you get from Atlanta public schools.
My experience with Atlanta Public Schools is kinda good. Honestly the some of the staff of certain schools could have better attitudes towards the students and schools. What i would like to change is More classes like Parenting, Mechanics, Cosmetology, Etc. We should get better food because most of us don't eat and be to hungry to focus( It would decrease students eating in class). We also need therapist for students and teachers. I say that because a lot of us go through things that we cannot talk to people about because of fear, and it interfere with our work which is unhealthy. Other than that Atlanta public schools is a good district.
When we were at school it was great. Atlanta public schools is very good at giving out information and fulfilling request. They need to work on their phones and wait times because you can sit on the phone and wait to talk to one for hours.
I had a good experience with aps schools and I can honestly say I’m sad to leave and I’m going to miss it, but they have fully prepared me for what’s to come.
More resources should be put into the schools. A larger quantity of school devices are much needed also a better school building itself is needed for many of its school and the districts funding should be distributed evenly and not just put into the more showcased schools by the district.
Atlanta public school work hard with the children trying to get them to achieve their goals. They offer tutoring and afternoon sports.
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Attending Atlanta Public Schools was a wonderful experience for me. The entire school district's faculty and staff seem to go to work every day in order to educate, build up, support, and encourage all of the students. Going to school every day was made easier by the sincerity of the teachers and what seemed to be their love to teach.
I like how free and how much the teachers at my APS schools care about us. They take the time to come to each student, and help them decide what they want to do after school.
My experience with APS schools is pretty good, I went to APS schools from kindergarten through 12th grade. The only bad thing about APS schools is that they don't put enough money in the cafeteria food.
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