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ASTEC Charter has some great teachers, but the teacher rollover rate is quite unsettling. With an unnecessarily strict uniform that includes wearing a black belt and plain black shoes, and jacket that if it even has a small colored logo leads to after school detention. The rules that administration creates are often unnecessary to learning in the classroom. Rather than focusing on education, the focus seems to be on the uniform policy.
Astec is a great school students are well behaved the food is good, the teachers and staff are amazing, it has a great environment. I would recommend this school to anyone and everyone.
I attended ASTEC Charter Schools from grade 6-12 and it was the most amazing experience I have ever had. The school has the most wonderful faculty and staff who seek to help out the students in any problems that they may have. Every teacher is equipped with the best ability to teach the subject matter they are associated with, and are given the best tools to help them. One thing I would like to see changed is the school acquiring another building that is larger so they could accommodate the incoming number of students that they accept each year.
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Since I have been at ASTEC since 6th grade and is about to graduate from it, I would say I love my experience. The bond you make with your teachers and fellow peers is extraordinary. I will miss being at ASTEC but I am ready for college.
My time at ASTEC went very from when I started from 6th grade, to now, as a Senior. The teachers are some of the most amazing and diverse personalities you'll ever meet, some teachers will do multiple things like running sports and clubs, gaining better connections with students a part of the club or sport. The sports aren't very ordinary compared to your average high school sports, for example, we have bowling which I heard was fun and rowing which I believe is one of the best sports and teams that we have, we have developed a great and close relationship with our teacher coaching the team. Our academics are pretty outstanding, the teachers are amazing at the subjects they teach, especially the senior teachers and AP teachers, they give you a college experience and make sure that you understand everything you're taught to be ready for college. The school may not be perfect, but I believe it's one of the best schools in Oklahoma.
Currently, I am a Senior at ASTEC. I have been a student at ASTEC since 6th Grade. When I first started going to school I was very excited to see what I would be able to accomplish. As the years went by, many teachers have left and many that were involved in the administration have also left. We the students have experienced many leaves from our teachers. We lose and gain many teachers every year. Transitions like these have affected my peers as well as me. We have to start from scratch when our teachers leave in the middle of the year, and the new teachers have to adjust to the students as well. It has affected the way and the process in which we learn. Every teacher teaches differently, but having to get used to another teacher every once in a while, will suddenly become difficult, especially after several years. Now I am a Senior, I have experienced very sweet and bitter moments, but I would like ASTEC to take consideration of this situation that many of the students here face.
My current experience at Astec Charter School is described as interesting. While attending the school the school is largely focused on their image of their students. I understand the concept of uniform but individuality isn't allowed to be expressed through clothing and image of the student. The material being taught to us students is excellent however there are poor instructors who have no idea about the subject their are teaching about. The range of activities provided to students is poor but is slowing expanding. I have experienced an average learning experience at Astec but would highly recommend other schools solely because of Astec's outrageous policies.
ASTEC Charter Schools is a school that gets you ready for college. The teachers care about our grades and are willing to help any way to see us successful. ASTEC is a technology school and we work with technology to get our work done. I am proud to soon become a graduate of ASTEC Charter Schools.
This is my second year at Astec, I love it a lot! Through the good and bad times, Astec is always here for you. We have wonderful teachers who work here. These teachers want you to succeed and will help you reach your goal. Astec is a great school filled with marvelous middle and HighSchool students!
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