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As a current senior at Ashwaubenon High School, I would consider the school to have pretty well-rounded academics, and a set of staff members that kindly push students to achieve their best. The school has a large list of classes to meet various needs, and there are a wide range of college ready classes offered for those students (like me) preparing for their future in college. Many of the teachers take no excuses, and push to ensure that students both work their hardest, and earn the knowledge that they deserve. The school has made me feel college ready, and future students of this high school should be encouraged to take the more challenging classes- because that's how I prepared myself for my future.
My main complaint about Ashwaubenon is the lack of diversity not only in the student body, but in the faculty/staff. I think it is contradictory to preach the importance of diversity when the students are surrounded by none. Other than that, I felt my education at Ashwaubenon well prepared me for college.
It is overall a good school; better than other surrounding schools. However, there's not much diversity in race or status, making many of the students close minded and rude.
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One of the things I don't like about the Ashwaubenon school district is the grading scale. It is more rigorous compared to other schools. This makes it more difficult to compare the grades I have received, to the easier grading scales of the other school districts. One of the things I do like the most about Ashwaubenon is the Tech Ed Program. I am going into an engineering degree program at Northern Michigan University and it has been a lot of fun being able to take classes in this program. The teachers are amazing in this program, along with the hands on experience that go along with the really great classes that I am able to take.
Ashwaubenon is a very interesting school, if you are looking for academics then compared to the other schools in the area this is the school for you. The only down side to Ashwaubenon is student life, I feel that Ashwaubenon tends to baby its students and runs the school as if it is a daycare. phones are not permitted most teachers collect them at the beginning of class. We are also one of the only schools in Green Bay to not offer off campus lunch. I just feel that Ashwaubenon could lighten up a little bit and give up as the students some more freedom and actually prepare us for living on our own and going to college .The last problem with Ashwaubenon is it is becoming very political, our coaches are not qualified and have no feel for the game. the school board picks these coaches because they are all friends and if you know one of the coaches you will get the most playing time.
I have been in the Ashwaubenon district since kindergarten and every year I always had a teacher that was passionate about teaching and was always willing to help students improve to make sure they don't fall behind. I've had many memorable teachers that made the class entertaining and worth learning about! There are many classes to choose from once they're in high school that can help them decided what career they wish to pursue.
The special education staff is AMAZING! I love the fact that they treat my son like he's any other 3 1/2yr old boy despite his various challenges. Also love the fact that the special education staff will send me sorry videos of him teaching various milestones
So Shwaub is a pretty terrible place to go if you are not white. Literally no diversity, and very cliquey. The facilities are pretty good, especially the pool and the new PAC. Math program is good, chemistry teacher is terrible.
Throughout Ashwaubenon, I have had my bad and good days. I have had bad teachers, and great teachers. But the school is truly a good school. They take care of the students and know what to do in a emergency situation. They knew exactly what to do when the false alarm happened with a kid in a Star Wars costume.
My overall experience has been great! I feel safe when I am at school and I know I'm in a healthy environment. The teachers are good and prepare students for the next level and provide students with useful information. One thing that I would change would be for the teachers to not be so lenient. High school is a stage to for students to get ready for college and students can't if teachers don't act like professor-like.
Well run school district that provides a quality education. With my education from Ashwaubenon High School, I will be prepared for college.
Ashwaubenon High School was able to provide the social and academic skills to bring me to the college level. I did not always
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