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I really enjoyed the class selection, and teachers. Everyone is extremely dedicated and it is an extremely effective school district.
The buildings at the high school are very outdated- no elevators in the main building and the water fountains are blocked off because of rusty pipes. Foreign language department is pitiful. Elementary schools are very economically stratified. Sexual assault is a chronic issue among students, and so is drug use and administration doesn’t do anything to solve the issues.
Like any other high school, Ashland has both good and bad teachers. Some of the facilities are borderline dilapidated and do not meet the requirements stated in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Ashland High School is very cliquish in terms of students and faculty members. Ashland High School does not encourage the use of technological resources (i.e. laptops, online textbooks).
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In general, Ashland High School is a fantastic school. The education they offer is easily transferable for a college education, and the courses they offer represent that mentality. However, my only disagreement with Ashland High School, is that it struggles to find diversity both in students and teachers.
Ashland was nice, it's not the first thing I think of when looking back on my school experience but it was ok. The issue I had was that Ashland seemed to try so hard to exhibit its diversity and how tolerant of a place it focused its efforts on catering to that instead of being a school. I had fun at Ashland but never really felt like I was getting enough out of it education wise. I will be upfront in saying that I had moved to Oregon that year and moving always disrupts things but Ashland didn't fit for me.
In my opinion, elementary schools at Ashland are welcoming and home to lots of creativity and friendships. Later, I went to AMS for middle school and while the layout of the school is a little strange and the 7th and 8th grade halls are small, the music programs are very open to anyone and everyone who wants to incorporate music in their middle school career along with great music teachers. AMS does a great job of connecting the students to the school, with assemblys and hall meetings etc. You feel as if you hall is one big family. Im a sophmore at AHS now, and although i like the high schools extracurriculars, i think the teachers here arelacking. Some teachers are great, and their passion for teaching is engaging, but there are also many that only give kids busy work and watch them for 90 min. The assemblys here at AHS also arelacking, and the high school has far less ways of connecting the students in the school. Thewind ensemble and speech and debate program here aregreat though.
Ashland high school is a great public school. They hire dedicated teachers and make sure students get what they need. The administration is open to criticism and really listens to it's students.
Great school! Welcoming environment, amazing town, excellent extracurriculars. Could use more racial and religious diversity.
I like the Ashland school district because they go out of their way to make learning pleasant for the students.
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